Back From Another Visit

Brent Wise started at both wide-receiver and cornerback for Central Dauphin this season. His father, Tom Wise, lettered for Penn State in 1978, 79 and 80. He will visit PSU on Friday. Will Brent follow in his father's footsteps?

Name: Brent Wise
Position: WR, DB
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.4
Bench Press: 290 pounds
School: Central Dauphin SHS, Harrisburg, PA

Brent took an official visit to Penn this past weekend.

"It's tough right now," Brent's father, Tom Wise, said Monday night.  "Penn is very attractive."

Although Penn does not offer athletic scholarships, they can help a recruit get the financial help necessary.

"They can offer grant and aid and everything.  They've made it very attractive.  He'd be a difference maker at that football program.  He's got a big decision on his hands."

Brent will take his final official visit this weekend, to Penn State.  Coach Larry Johnson was scheduled to visit Wise at his home this past Sunday evening.

"He was supposed to," Brent said, "but I was at Penn this weekend for a visit.  The visit was Saturday, Sunday and Monday and I thought it was going to be Friday, Saturday and Sunday and he would be able to come Sunday evening and it would be fine.  I'm not sure why they (Penn) did it that way."

Brent enjoyed his visit to Penn.

"It went really well.  I felt comfortable up there and I liked what they had to say.  I'm just going to go on my visit to Penn State and see how that goes."

Coach Johnson will visit him this week.

"I talked to him and he's going to come here on Thursday.  He's going to catch me on the back end of his trips around.  He called tonight.  I didn't get a chance to talk with him because I was out, but my dad talked to him.

"I think I have a little more to think about now than before, stuff that'll be cleared up in the next weekend when I go on the visit."

Brent admitted that Penn State is still his favorite.

"I have a good option with Penn and I want to make sure that Penn State's the thing I want to do."

Many Penn State fans have questioned why Brent did not commit immediately to Penn State when the Nittany Lions came through with a much anticipated offer.

"It's the same as everyone else basically.  Everyone wants to weigh their options, go on their visits and make a decision after that.  I'm no different.  I'm partial to Penn State, but I still want to go and see what the deal is."

Is there a chance he could make a decision this weekend?

"There's definitely a chance of that.  If not this weekend, then early next week."

Brent is a talented receiver blessed with speed.  He also participates in track and competes in 100-meter events.

"I ran a 10.68 [100 meters].  It's been 10.9's, 10.8's, 10.7's.  My sophomore year I know I ran 11.2's, 11.3's, but I dropped my time a lot over the summer and during the track season.  I probably average around 10.7, 10.8.  This year I'm looking to drop it.  I should be running 10.5's.  I'm optimistic for this upcoming track season.

"In districts, I hurt my ankle and wasn't able to run that well.  I was third seed in the district I think coming in to it and in the finals of that I twisted my ankle and I got sixth and I didn't qualify for the states."

Brent is not concerned about not having more scholarship offers and the fact that many people use that as an impetus to question his ability.

"There's a lot of speculation, people are always going to talk about stuff, but I'm confident that I can play with anyone and once they see me play and how I perform, they won't have anything more to speculate about."

Those that saw Brent Wise play this season had to have been impressed.  Brent had 45 catches for 1,215 yards, 550 yards rushing, 28 touchdowns (17 receiving and 11 rushing) and 3 interceptions on defense.

It looks like a final decision is close.

"It's either Penn State or [Penn].  It's two different types of situations and I have to find out which one I want to do."

What is he hoping to find out from this weekend?

"Pretty much just confirmation if anything.  I already know it's a great place and I just want to get it fresh in my mind.  Right now, it's hard just coming off a visit, because every time you come back from a visit, that's pretty much the place you're favoring for a little bit.  I'll probably have a different tune once I come back from Penn State."

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