Thomas Clayton Update

Thomas Clayton, a true freshman running back from Virginia, who played sparingly for Florida State, is transferring out. He is interested in Penn State. Is the interest mutual?

Thomas Clayton, Sr. informed LionNews on Monday evening that Mount Vernon High School running back coach Mark Holbrook was the one who was contacting schools in which Thomas was interested in attending.  LionNews had the opportunity to talk with Coach Holbrook Wednesday evening.

Is Penn State one of the possible destinations for Clayton?

"That is one of the possibilities, but neither through email nor through telephone call have they responded back to anything that I've sent them," Holbrook said, "so we don't know.  This is going to be a fast-paced thing and it's going to turn over real quickly.  I don't know that they're interested because we haven't heard anything from them.  The release papers were sent to Penn State today as they have been sent to the other universities that he's interested in.

"We called them, we left messages for them, we emailed them and everything else and we haven't gotten any response from them.

"Everybody else has responded and is interested, Nebraska, Northwestern, Marshall and Vanderbilt.  We're not going to press anything.  If they're not interested, we're going to move on.  That was one of the schools that he was interested in.

"It was a total of five different universities and Penn State was one of the top universities that he was looking at but if they're not responding then the family will have to move on because a quick decision has to be made."

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