Hall Eliminates Penn State

Vince Hall was expected to be one of a handful of prospects making a visit to Penn State this weekend. However, things went wrong. What happened? Who remains on Vince's list?

Name: Vince Hall
Position: LB
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 238 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.6
School: West Branch High School, Chesapeake, Va.

Western Branch HS star linebacker, Vince Hall, did not make his visit to Penn State this weekend due to a miscommunication between him and the Nittany Lion coaching staff.

"I didn't go to Penn State. They forgot about my visit."

"They didn't send an itinerary. So my mom told me to call."

According to Vince, when he called Coach Kenney, the man in charge of Penn State's recruitment of Vince, it was discovered that an error took place in communication between the two.

"I was supposed to go there December 7th but then I rescheduled [for the 17th of January] because we were going to states. But I guess that he didn't tell his secretary or whatever, so they just forgot about it."

"He just said a lot of stuff was going on. He tried to get me to come in for the 24th, but I told him I have the Tennessee visit."

Although Coach Kenney apologized for the error, the Nittany Lions are in the unfortunate position of being on the outside looking in for Vince.

"I exed them off the list."

Virginia Tech, North Carolina, and Tennessee comprise the three teams that Vince remains high on, although Tennessee may have also been dropped from consideration according to the Richmond Times Dispatch . South Carolina was also scheduled for a visit the last week of January, but Vince stated he doesn't believe he will be taking that official visit.

Where were the Nittany Lions ranked on Vince's list before the mix-up?

"They were around there [the top], but after all this, no."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

Because the Penn State coaching staff cannot comment on a recruit until after the National Signing Day on February 5th, 2003, they can not give their side of the story, although historically Joe Paterno and company will never comment on any recruit. Since this story broke last night, speculation has abound that Penn State may have ceased their recruitment of Vince. Unfortunately it seems like we will not find out the true story of what happened, whether it be error by the Penn State coaches or the coaching staff moving in a different direction.

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