SHORT REPORT: Day 2 Review

Penn State was back in action Tuesday. Here is some of what went down on the second day of preseason drills.

A few updates from Day 2 of Penn State's preseason:

"It was another hot one today," an observer explained. "The guys are getting pushed to drink and eat — if not they could be pretty svelte by the end of the week."

The players were out again on the practice fields between Holuba and Lasch at 3:30 p.m. for another session that lasted about 90 minutes. After stretching and warmups the players got in some agility work and then took in some 1v1 and passing drills.

Here are some notes of interest from the session:

  • "The quarterbacks looked pretty sharp. Daryll Clark is a given, but I think Kevin Newsome is looking good with his mechanics and getting his timing down. I tell you, though, I would not count out Matt McGloin. He has a bit of an uphill battle given Kev's athleticism, charisma and leadership — the guy is just made to be at the helm. I like McGloin's delivery. He's not as strong overall, but he's fighting."

  • Some of the freshmen "looked beat by the end of the session," and the coaches were on them to take advantage of their time and get sleep or they'll "be using them for tackle dummies by week's end."

  • Despite reports elsewhere that certain freshmen have emerged in key punt-return roles, our observers say that is not true. "They haven't done punt returns yet. Punt drills, yes, they've done them. But no returns yet."

  • The players typically huddle up before and after each practice. In the opening huddle they chat "hard work" at the break. In the closing huddle they chant "National Champs." is the exclusive home of the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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