AKRON: Report Card

Who made the grade and who couldn't cut it in Penn State's win over Akron at Beaver Stadium.

OVERALL: A lot of good in this game. But we get the sense PSU could have easily won by 40 if it had not mailed it in in the second half. So it is difficult to call this anything better than slightly above average.
Grade: C+

OFFENSE: Great job by Daryll Clark and the new wideouts. But an inability to establish a consistent ground attack was troubling. None of the questions about the rebuilt offensive line have been answered.
Grade: C+

DEFENSE: A dominating effort in the first half, especially by that front seven. Again, though, we did not see a killer instinct in the final 30 minutes.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: Jeremy Boone was great in limited action and we liked the fake punt to Andrew Dailey. However, new place-kicker Collin Wagner struggled, the kickoff return team allowed a 42-yarder and the punt-return unit seemed out of whack.
Grade: C-

COACHING: If the team falls asleep in the second half, the staff must shoulder some of the blame.
Grade: C+

INTANGIBLES: We may have been tough with some of the earlier grades. But we really liked the swagger PSU showed in this game. Never got the sense Akron had ANY shot in this one.
Grade: A

OTHER GUY: It took three snaps for everyone in Beaver Stadium to realize Akron had no shot of running the ball against the Lions. Everyone, that is, except the Zip coaching staff. We seriously overestimated the impact Walt Harris would have on this program.
Grade: D+

OFFICIALS: After watching some of the late games Saturday, we think PSU-Akron got a pretty good crew.
Grade: A

CROWD: Really, is it too much to ask for the students to arrive on time for the season opener? Also, this was the smallest crowd for a PSU home opener (104,968) since 2005.
Grade: D


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