Lineman Loves the Lions

Chadd Albright, an offensive lineman from West Virginia, visited Penn State officially this weekend. It has been learned that he committed to the Lions as a preferred walk-on. Why did Chadd choose Penn State?

Name: Chadd Albright
Position: OL
Height: 6'4"
Weight: 310 pounds
40-yard dash: 5.4
Max Bench Press: 310 pounds
School: Charleston, Wv. (Capital HS)

Penn State picked up a verbal commitment this weekend from Morgantown, Wv. offensive lineman Chadd Albright. Albright gave the coaching staff his verbal to enter Penn State as a preferred walk-on, with the chance to earn a football scholarship sometime in the future.

Chadd has favored Penn State for quite a while now, having traveled to Happy Valley five different times, including the Blue White game, Nebraska game, and for a junior day over the summer. Chadd believes Penn State will give him every opportunity to excel and earn a scholarship, like they have done with former Lion walk-ons Joe Iorio and Casey Williams.

"I had some offers from smaller schools (I-AA and Division II), but Penn State's just in my heart. I could earn a scholarship, there's no doubt in my mind. That's why I'm doing this."

"The signing class is going to be very, very small, probably 10 or 11. They're not going to bring in any scrubs as walk-ons, they're going to be players that Coach Paterno wants but couldn't offer scholarships to, so that's where I fit in. Coach Paterno said that he wanted good walk-ons this year, so that it would make the class bigger. They told me there is going to be a total of about 20 of us, so I guess another 9-10 more walkons."

Chadd, who actually committed to Coach Carter last week, stayed with true freshman offensive lineman Mark Farris this weekend. Although the Nittany Lions will be losing five offensive lineman to graduation, Chadd feels that with Mark and some of the other young lineman, Penn State is in great shape for the future.

"Ive heard (Mark's) a real good player. He's a house! He was 255 when he reported and now he's 285. He's getting real, real big in that program. I was with him and a linebacker named Pat (Hall) from Georgia."

"I met a lot of the lineman that are there now, like (Chris) McKelvy. I met Nick Marmo, Scott Davis, E.Z. Smith, and Tyler Reed. They're all good guys. They all believe in that Penn State program."

Chadd arrived at Penn State on Friday. What activities did the coaches have lined up for him on his visit?

"I went to the basketball game Saturday afternoon. They fed us alot. Yesterday my parents went to Coach Paterno's house and hung out with him and his wife. I just went with Mark (Farris) where ever he went. I was just experiencing college for the weekend."

"I ate breakfast with Coach Paterno yesterday (Saturday) and he's just a great guy. We weren't even talking about football, it wasn't even about that. We were just talking about anything. He had stories and stuff."

Did he meet any other members of the coaching staff?

"I met Coach Anderson and he said that most of the current offensive lineman can play everywhere."

"What coach is saying is that I can come up there and be in a position to be on the number 2 or 3 team (on the depth chart). I can put myself in a position to play, because they don't care if your a prep all-american or whoever you are, if you can play football, you can play football, that's who they are looking for."

Coach Anderson said that Penn State wants Chadd to play either guard or center, depending on where they need the most depth. Chadd will be receiving the line blocking schemes from the coaches, giving him a head start on memorizing all the details he needs to succeed on the next level.

Chadd's also had the chance to go downtown and enjoy State College. Did they do anything in particular?

"My parents went shopping and got all Penn State stuff."

According to Chadd, there is no way he would change his mind even if he received a late scholarship offer, saying about Penn State,

"It's a great place--one of a kind up there."

(Interview by Steve Curry)

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