Iowa-PSU Game Summary

High expectations surrounded the Nittany Lions, as the White Out was in full effect at Beaver Stadium. The Lions got off to a fast start, but couldn't follow through as they never seriously threatened after a 10 point first quarter. FOS brings you our game summary below.

First Quarter

Kickoff sailed to the 9, and the PSU defense held Iowa to a 3 and out with the help of solid tackling by Bani Gbadyu. Royster returned the ensuing punt, and on the Lions' first play from scrimmage, Clark tossed an 80 yard touchdown to Chaz Powell. 7-0 PSU.

A deflected third down pass on Iowa's next drive was intercepted by Nick Sukay. Evan Royster carried the load on the first two plays, picking up seven yards before Clark ran for a first down.

Penn State's offense began to click behind Clark's signals, mixing the pass and the run. Joe Paterno opted to gamble on 4th and 1 from the Iowa 30, and Clark picked up the first down. The Lions dialed up a steady dose of Royster, on the ground and through the air until the drive stalled at the Iowa 10 yard line. A 27 yard field goal by Collin Wagner capped the long drive. 10-0 PSU.

Penn State kicked, and Iowa began their drive with a short passing game as the first quarter expired.

Second Quarter

The Hawkeyes used a short passing game to drive into Penn State territory, but facing the teeth of the student section, the drive stalled. Iowa punted, trapping the Lions at their own six yard line.

Following a false start penalty, Penn State was stuffed on two running plays and on third down, Clark was hit in the end zone, fumbling the ball. Troutman was able to fall on the ball saving a touchdown, but Iowa scored their first points on a safety. 10-2 PSU

Iowa took posession on the ensuing free kick, returning the ball outside the 40. Stanzi completed his first pass against the soft Lion zone to the Penn State 46. Josh Hull stuffed Iowa's 3rd and 1 behind the line of scrimmage, and this time the Iowa punt bounced out of bounds at the 16, giving the Lions some precious breathing room to begin their second series of the quarter.

After a holding call negated a first down pass to Moye, the Lion drive stalled, and Jeremy Boone was forced to punt from the 5. His punt was not fielded, and rolled dead at the Iowa 40 where the Hawkeyes took over.

The Hawkeyes drove for a first down at midfield before Stanzi rolled out and hit a receiver at the PSU 25. The PSU defense forced 3 straight incompletions to bring up 4th down, and Murray, who drove the dagger into the Lions last year, kicked a field goal. 10-5 PSU.

Penn State was unable to move the ball following a controversial call on an incomplete pass to Moye, but a big punt by Jeremy Boone rolled all the way to the Iowa 20 with more than 3 minutes remaining in the half. The Lion defense stiffened to force a 3 and out, and Iowa was forced to punt with just under 2 minutes to go. Penn State was flagged for running into the kicker, giving Iowa a first down, and on the next play, Robinson broke to the right and all the way into Penn State territory. After picking up a 3rd and 15, Iowa was stopped at the 25. Murray missed a career long 42 yard field goal attempt, and the Lions took over on downs. With 11 seconds remaining, Penn State drained the clock.

Halftime Score: Penn State 10, Iowa 5

Third Quarter

Penn State returned the short Iowa kickoff outside the 30, and Clark settled in to work. After driving into Iowa territory, Clark missed an open receiver and threw an interception to Prater, and the Hawkeyes took over. Hampered by a holding penalty, and by a sack by Josh Hull, the Hawkeyes punted short from midfield. Astorino returned the punt to the 30, and the Lions took over again.

Penn State appeared to be stuffed, but a 39 yard grab by Moye moved the Lions into Hawkeye territory. The drive stalled though at the Iowa 32, and Wagner came up just short on a 48 yard field goal attempt.

Iowa drove deep into Penn State territory, but a well timed sack by the Lion defense, followed by a delay penalty set up the Hawks with a 1st and 24. A.J. Wallace picked off Stanzi on a tipped ball from Drew Astorino. The Lions took over on their own 24, and the third quarter ran out with the score: Penn State 10, Iowa 5.

Fourth Quarter

Penn State rode a pair of Clark passes and a run to midfield, where the Lion drive stalled. Fans and coaches were irritated by what looked like an uncalled late hit. The Hawkeyes blocked the punt and returned it for a touchdown to take their first lead of the game. Iowa failed to convert the two point attempt for a 3 point lead, and settled for a 1 point margin. Iowa 11-10

On the ensuing kickoff, Devon Smith returned the ball to the 24 where the Lion offense took over. Penn State drove near midfield, but a high pass was tipped by his intended receiver and picked off by Iowa. The Hawkeyes set up shop inside the Penn State 30. After picking up a first down, Robinson broke through the right side to score an Iowa touchdown. Iowa 18-10.

Chaz Powell returned the kickoff to midfield, and aided by a late hit call on the Iowa defense, the Lions took over at the Iowa 36. On the next play, Royster ran for a first down, but fumbled at the end of the play and the Hawkeyes took over. The Lion defense gave up a first down, then held the conservative Iowa offense, and Donahue punted the ball to Royster who made a fair catch at the PSU 30.

With 4:06 remaining on the clock, the Lions set up with a final chance to drive down the field. After two incompletions, the ball was picked off again by Iowa at the Penn State 40. Iowa moved for a pair of first downs, and kicked a field goal with 8 seconds remaining.

Final Score: Iowa 21, Penn State 10.


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