IOWA: Report Card

See who made the grade and who failed miserably in the Nittany Lions' loss to Iowa.

OVERALL: If football games were 15 minutes long, this grade would have been much better.
Grade: D+

OFFENSE: The plus is for the solid first quarter. The “F” is for the rest of the game.
Grade: F+

DEFENSE: Can't be too critical of a unit that only have up 13 points, 10 of them on short-field drives.
Grade: B

SPECIAL TEAMS: Yeah, there were some positives. But not enough to balance out the one big negative.
Grade: D-

COACHING: We can quibble over the offensive game plan. But this was more about poor execution by the players, especially on offense.
Grade: C-

INTANGIBLES: We didn't get the sense that the “White House” made a lick of difference in this game.
Grade: D-

OTHER GUY: Have to be impressed by how cool the Hawkeyes were under pressure.
Grade: A-

OFFICIALS: Why have instant replay if you don't have people who know how to use it?
Grade: D+

CROWD: For a prime-time game with everyone in white, we did not sense the buzz that has been in the stadium previously.
Grade: B


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