IOWA: The High Five

It was a miserable Saturday for the Nittany Nations with sloppy conditions and sloppy play from the squad. See the highs and lows from the prime-time loss.

Saturday's loss was the end to a sloppy weekend for the Nittany Nation. However, it wasn't all bad - although a lot of it was. Here is a look at the highs and lows from the game.


The White Stuff: For all the flack the student section took out during the first three games, they came out strong in this game. They were loud and brought great energy to the game despite the damp conditions. And while the alums were pouring out in droves, the student section remained packed to the gills until the clock ran out. A tip o' the hat to the students in this one.

Big Swing: The coaching staff opened up with a hay-maker on a 79-yard touchdown pass from Daryll Clark to Chaz Powell. It was an impressive, atypical way for PSU to open up in a big game, but created some massive momentum. Too bad it wore off all too soon though.

Chaz POW-ell: Leading the team with 96 yards receiving, Powell came to play for the Lions. What was most impressive was after taking a questionable hit with 8:24 left on the clock, Powell had a beautiful 36-yard return to the Penn State 49 yard line, which was exactly what the doctor ordered, minus the fumble three plays later.

He's Back: Linebacker Navarro Bowman is another Lion who came to play. He was continually around the ball and was impressive in his first extended action of the season. The 'backer was a definite bright spot with his consistently fast and furious play.

Extended Stay: Tight end Andrew Quarless had some key catches to keep some essential drives alive. He ended the day with three catches for 35 yards and added another nice dimension to the passing game - when it was clicking.


You Killed It: It seemed almost every time Penn State would come up with a big play - a big pass to Moye, a nice return by Powell or an interception by Wallace - it was quickly snuffed out by a turnover.

Line Tension: The defensive line didn't just have trouble getting to Stanzi, they seemed to struggle to even collapse the pocket. Granted Stani only hit 42 percent of his passes and had two picks, but Tom Bradley and the guy just could not get to him to create opportunities. give credit to the Iowa offensive line, but the Hawkeyes often weren't keeping their TEs in, and Jared Odrick was handling a double-team, yet the ends could not create pressure from the wings.

No You Take It: Few if any teams can overcome three interceptions, a fumble, a blocked punt and a safety. Penn State flat out did not take care of the football. Sure, you can blame the conditions, but Iowa had to play in the same weather. They coughed it up too, the difference is that the Hawkeyes actually did something with their opportunities.

Head Games: Clark really looked sharp out of the gate. However in the second quarter, after the Hawkeyes got to him a few times he seemed to shift gears and became tentative with his play. It was almost like all that confidence evaporated with delayed decisions and forced plays. Hopefully he shakes it off and gets back on track.

No Way Replay: I have no idea how much Penn State paid for those two video screens in the stadium, but they clearly got overcharged since they apparently are unable to carry replay video. Big plays or bad plays they were rarely put up on the screen.


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