ILLINOIS: In-Game Updates

Penn State heads on the road for the first time this season as they face the Illinois in Champaign. Get a review of the game here.


With a series of miscues on both sides of the ball, neither team showed much of an offensive effort. Tight end Quarless had two catches for 11 yards and Roystr had 15 yards rushing on four carries. Other than that it was a series of punts for both sides.

Penn State 0, Illinois 0


Penn State finally woke up in the opening goings of the second quarter with a 52-yard touchdown run by Stephfon Green.

Penn State 7, Illinois 0

Illinois wakes up on the legs of Williams and we have a game as the Illini hit a field goal.

Penn State 7, Illinois 3

Not much else happened during a lackluster second quarter. Although Morris almost returned a last second intercepted hail mary for a touchdown before getting tripped up.


First Downs: PSU 9, ILL 11
Total Yards: PSU 170, ILL 222
Passing Yards: PSU 73, ILL 143
Rushing Yards: PSU 97, ILL 79
Total Plays: PSU 28, ILL 42
Penalties: PSU 1/5, ILL 2/21
TOP: PSU 14:18, ILL 15:42

Clark: 10/16, 73 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT
Green: 7 carries for 81 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 4 carries, 15 yards
Zug: 3 catches, 28 yards
Quarless: 5 catches, 26 yards


Penn State started to drive converting on a big 20-yard Clark run, but after an impressive Moye catch, he was blindisded and coughed up the ball. Penn State forced a punt. Clark has the longest run of his career with a 51-yard scamper. Clark powers it on on short and goal.

Penn State 14, Illinois 3


Green pounds the ball in for a touchdown as PSU has an impressive physical drive capped.

Penn State 21, Illinois 3

Penn State forces a three-and-out and build upon their momentum, assembling an 80-yard drive with a 15-yard touchdown run by Royster.

Penn State 28, Illinois 3

PSU's defense loosens and Juice Williams finally gets a touchdown pass, thanks to a few questionable penalties along the way on the drive.

Penn State 28, Illinois 10

Penn State puts in a myriad of backups and on the legs of Brent Carter, they pound in another touchdown.

Penn State 35, Illinois 10

Penn State let's Williams walk in for a late meaningless touchdown with under a minute left.

Penn State 35, Illinois 17


First Downs: PSU 26, ILL 20
Total Yards: PSU 513, ILL 393
Passing Yards: PSU 175, ILL 263
Rushing Yards: PSU 338, ILL 130
Total Plays: PSU 65, ILL 76
Penalties: PSU 3/30, ILL 6/36
TOP: PSU 33:44, ILL 29:27

Clark: 7 for 25 for 175 yards, 7 carries for 83 yards, 2 TDs
Green: 13 carries for 120 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 17 carries, 105 yards, 1 TD
Zug: 3 catches, 28 yards
Moye: 4 catches, 57 yards
Quarless: 5 catches, 26 yards


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