EIU: In-Game Review

Facing Eastern Illinois, the Nittany Lions are back home in Beaver Stadium after being on the road last week. Get in-game updates on the clash, seen on ESPN Classic, right here.


Playing stout coverage, the Penn State defense forced a quick punt and on their first drive marched 85 yards for a touchdown with a series of Royster runs and Clark screen passes.

Penn State 7, EIU 0

Another quick out for EIU, Penn State dirves 70 yards with a fairl balanced attack and sets Wagner up to hit a 25-yard field goal.

Penn State 10, EIU 0

EIU put together a solid 53-yard drive, but hits a 47-yard field goal attempt wide right. With the ball back, Penn State quickly counters and scores another touchdown hitting Brackett on a short toss.

Penn State 17, EIU 0

Penn State gets the ball back after a nice defensive stand and scores on a two-play 69-yard drive, capped by a 50-yard touchdown pass to Powell who also drew a pass interference flag on the catch.


Penn State 24, EIU 0

If they didn't have enough momentum already, Dailey blocks an EIU punt. Penn State takes the opportunity and scores another touchdown with a 25-yard touchdown to Moye.

Penn State 31, EIU 0

EIU gives it right back as Wallace picks off a Christensen pass. Clark gives it right back with an interception of his own.

EIU marches down, knocking on the door, getting into PSU's redzone. However, Christensen fumbles inside the 10-yard line and runs it back 91 yards for a touchdown.

Penn State 38, EIU 0


First Downs: PSU 15, EIU 9
Total Yards: PSU 343, EIU 134
Passing Yards: PSU 196, EIU 99
Rushing Yards: PSU 147, EIU 35
Total Plays: PSU 29, EIU 44
Penalties: PSU 3/15, EIU 0/0
Turnovers: PSU 1, EIU 2
TOP: PSU 14:37, EIU 15:28

Daryll Clark: 10/14, 196 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT
Evan Royster: 8 carries for 94 yards
Chaz Powell: 1 carry, 19 yards, 3 catches for 72 yards, 1 TD
Derek Moye: 2 catches for 43 yards, 1 TD


After trading the ball and forth on a few drives, EIU hits a field goal. Penn State, keeping their starters in despite a blowout, sees Green break open a 26-yard touchdown run.

Penn State 45, EIU 3


Backup QB Kevin Newsome finally gets into the game. Newsome rushes for a touchdown, the first of his career.

Penn State 52, EIU 3


First Downs: PSU 28, EIU 14
Total Yards: PSU 553, EIU 207
Passing Yards: PSU 268, EIU 147
Rushing Yards: PSU 285, EIU 60
Total Plays: PSU 62, EIU 68
Penalties: PSU 4/20, EIU 2/15
Turnovers: PSU 1, EIU 2
TOP: PSU 30:45, EIU 29:20

Daryll Clark: 13/25, 234 yards, 3 TD, 1 INT, 4 carries for 11 yards, 1 TD
Evan Royster: 8 carries for 94 yards
Stephfon Green: 8 carries for 58 yards, 1 TD
Chaz Powell: 1 carry, 19 yards, 4 catches for 79 yards, 1 TD
Derek Moye: 2 catches for 43 yards, 1 TD


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