EIU: The High Five

Joe Paterno lamented about not having a bye week this season. However, with the way the Lions played against the Panthers, Penn State got the next best thing. See the highs and lows from Saturday's game here.

Penn State cruised to a 52-3 win against Eastern Illinois in a game that was never in doubt for the Nittany Lions. The performance had highs and lows throughout the day.


Power Lines: Penn State offensive and defensive lines, although clearly expected to anyway, came out and dominated the trenches, giving Daryll Clark a ton of time to make decisions and EIU QB Christensen next to no time on the other side.

Hull of an Effort: With all the criticism he has endured by some fans, Josh Hull had an impressive day with 11 tackles; his fifth straight double-digit take-down performance. It's also the fourth straight game he has led PSU in tackles.

Under Center of Attention: Clark had a heck of a game, going 13 for 19 for 234 yards, three touchdowns and an interception and rushed for 11 yards and a touchdown. On the day he hit six different targets and did what was expected of him.

Ground Up: Evan Royster had another impressive rushing day, rolling up 94 yards on eight carries. Stephfon Green also got eight touches and managed 58 yards, including a 26-yard touchdown run.

Sharp Focus: If there's one positive on the day, it's that the Lions came out and took care of business, marching down on their first two drives and putting 10 points off the bat. The team could have easily come out flat, but opted to get the game put away early.


Too Long, Too Late: With the game basically over, it is downright baffling as to why the PSU staff insisted on keeping Daryll Clark in the game through the late third quarter. Finally they opted for Kevin Newsome to get some game experience, no reason to keep Clark in that long and risk an unnecessary injury. Remember what happened to Sean Lee against Temple?

'Loafing' Around: Newsome has issues protecting the ball. In his short time in the game he coughed it up twice, although PSU got both fumbles back, but he needs work on how to carry the ball to avoid those fumbles, particularly given his ability to run.

Empty House: It's tough to expect the fans to pack the house in a game like this, although it was amusing to hear the ESPN announces continually talk about how EIU is dealing well with the "hostile environment" of Beaver Stadium, which it seemed to be far from today.

Where's My Head(gear)?: I am not looking to pick on Newsome here, but it was pretty funny that the freshman could not find his helmet on the second drive he was to lead. Hold onto that headgear, and hold onto that ball Kevin.

Say It Again: OK, I mentioned it above, it I think it deserves mentioning again; why keep Daryll Clark in the game when the team is up by 35 points? Seriously, it risks unnecessary injury to a vital player, it kills an opportunity to get the backup meaningful reps and it makes it looks like PSU is beating up on an opponent.


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