CALLING CARD: Royster & Clark

Daryll Clark and Evan Royster hosted conference calls on Wednesday morning. See what the starters had to say about the state of the team and the clash with Minnesota.

See what Evan Royster and Daryll Clark had to say about Penn State's Saturday clash against Minnesota.

Evan Royster

On when he felt like he was back to 100 percent after he was sick:

"The week after the Temple game I think I started feeling close to 100 percent. It wasn't that bad, but my legs got a bit tired when I was sick."

On why he thinks he isn't catching the ball as much recently :

"I am not sure what it is exactly. I think it is more that we have so many receivers that are stepping up. Daryll spreads the ball around and there are a lot of guys catching it."

On Minnesota linebackers Campbell and Tripplet:

"They are both good linebackers who are fundamentally sound. I have not seen that much from them yet on film, but the [offensive] line is going to have to get out there and make some blocks to open things up."

On the mental impact of his Iowa fumble:

"I admit I was..."

CALLING CARD: Evan Royster

Daryll Clark

On the Minnesota defense:

"They're predominantly a two-deep team, like Illinois and Iowa." He said the Gophers will throw blitzes at Penn State, so he has to be ready with hot reads.

On getting back into the Big Ten:

"Everyone feels good going into the Big Ten again. After playing well last week, everyone feels that no matter who we play, [no matter] the degree of difficulty, they'll get the job done when they're called on."

On Evan Royster:

"The thing I like about Evan is he's cool. He really doesn't say much. He's a patient runner and a complete back to me." He likes the way Royster can..."

CALLING CARD: Daryll Clark


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