When Will He Announce?

South Carolina RB Rodney Kinlaw, nephew of Penn State great Courtney Brown, is down to Virginia Tech and Penn State. Will he announce today? Did he say anything that may give us a sneak peek at which way he may be leaning?

Name: Rodney Kinlaw
Position: RB
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 185 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.36 at Clemson camp
Bench Press: 315 pounds
School: Stratford HS, Goose Creek, SC

"Tomorrow," Rodney replied Thursday night after being asked when he would announce a final decision.  "My coach gave me until tomorrow.  He was just telling me he wanted me to have my decision by tomorrow.  I'm going to try to, but if not, I have a few more days."

Frank Beamer visited Kinlaw on Tuesday.  Joe Paterno took a trip to South Carolina on Wednesday to meet with Rodney at both his school and home.

"Some faculty members asked for autographs.  I think a few students saw him, I'm not sure.  I introduced him to one, the nephew of a guy that coached at the high school Larry Johnson went to.

"He came by the house for a few minutes and then he had to get back on the airplane.  He said mainly that they could use me at Penn State and that I would have a great opportunity there."

Penn State coach Bill Kenney, who accompanied Joe Paterno on the visit to South Carolina, called the Kinlaws Thursday night to follow up on the visit.

"He was asking me how the meeting went and I told him it was pretty good."

What is one thing Rodney likes about each school?

"Penn State, I'd say the academics and about Virginia Tech, I'd probably say the environment.  It's very rural, not city-like at all, it's mainly just like Penn State."

How will he announce his decision?

"I'll probably call around and let it out like that.  I'm not going to have a big press conference or anything like that."

Rodney is somewhat familiar with each teams depth charts.

"Kind of, I'm not exactly positive about them, but I have a pretty good idea.  I could go in and probably play if I work hard enough and the same thing with Penn State.  It depends on how hard I work and how much progress I can make."

Who's in front of him at Virginia Tech?

"Kevin Jones, Mike Imoh and I think a kid named Cedric Humes."

How about Penn State?

"I think it's Pete Gilmore, Mike Gasparato and Donnie Johnson and I think there are 1 or 2 others."

What else will he be looking at to help him make his decision?

"Mainly academics, because that's what you have to go to school for.  You can't play football forever.  I'm going to try to choose the place with the best academics for me because both have great academics."

Rodney plans to major in Communications.

"I couldn't even sleep last night.  I got about 3 hours of sleep."

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