MINN: Report Card

See who made the grade and who failed miserably as the Nittany Lions gobbled up the Golden Gophers at Beaver Stadium Saturday.

Report card from Penn State's 20-0 win over Minnesota at Beaver Stadium Saturday:

OVERALL: Penn State was far from perfect. But it dominated a middle-of-the-pack Big Ten team. Nice job.
Grade: B+

OFFENSE: We loved the ball control but would have liked to have seen more points.
Grade: C+

DEFENSE: Even we can't find any nits to pick here. Great showing by the line, 'backers and secondary.
Grade: A+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Penn State's return game is a mess, especially on punts. At this rate, the Lions would be better off sending 11 guys after the punter and not bother putting anyone deep. A solid job by Collin Wagner, though.
Grade: C

COACHING: A balanced offensive attack and a shutout by the defense in lousy weather. The Lions were obviously focused, and that speaks to good coaching.
Grade: B+

INTANGIBLES: We never got the sense the Gophers were a serious threat in this game. Penn State was heavily favored and played liked it was supposed to win.
Grade: B+

OTHER GUY: An entire game with 40 offensive plays and just over 18 minutes of possession? Now working for the Big Ten Network, former Gopher coach Glenn Mason spent the game in the press box. He was not laughing too hard.
Grade: D

OFFICIALS: Yes, they needed too much replay help. But once the reviews happened, the right calls were ultimately made.
Grade: C

CROWD: A resounding “A” to everyone who braved the poor conditions, including the enthusiastic students who showed. But a resounding “F” to the thousands of students who came in the guise of empty seats. The best student section in the nation? Please. More like best student section in the nation when there is good weather and a top 10 opponent.
Grade: B

GAME BALLS: WR Derek Moye, CB A.J. Wallace, the grounds crew.


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