CALLING CARD: Wallace, Astorino, Clark

FOS had the opportunity to toss questions at a variety of PSU players this week, including Daryll Clark, Drew Astorino and A.J. Wallace. See what they had to say about their units, preprations for Ann Arbor and a variety of other topics right here.

Drew Astorino

On what he has to worry about in this game:

"The run a lot wheels and forward verticals. We need to keep them in front of us."

On how the safeties have played so far:

"We've played pretty well, we have improvements to make. But I think we have done pretty well, but we need to make more big plays."

On what Michigan does well:

"Forcier gets out of..."

CALLING CARD: Drew Astorino

Daryll Clark

On Michigan's defensive scheme under a new coordinator:

He said it is definitely a new look from what Michigan did last season, but it is not anything the Lions haven't seen so far this year. "They have some athletes in the secondary and they trust their athletes a lot because they play a lot of man defense." He said the defense is similar to what Syracuse runs. "They're well-coached and they make a lot of plays and cause a lot of turnovers."

On if he was disappointed by Penn State's lack of scoring against Minnesota given its time of possession advantage:

"No, not really. Sometimes it happens that way. … The best thing we did last week was remain patient, we kept grinding away and our defense did a good job of keeping them from scoring." He said PSU punched it into the end zone when it mattered.

On Penn State's 2005 loss at Michigan. Clark was a redshirting freshman at the time and not on the trip:

"I was watching at home. It was definitely an exciting drive by Mike [PSU QB Michael Robinson, which gave the Lions a late lead]. When we got the go-ahead score, I thought..."

CALLING CARD: Daryll Clark

A.J. Wallace

On leaving everything out on the field every game:

"Absolutely, you have to leave your heart on the field for every game."

On changing his prepagme music:

"Yeah, I changed and listened to Jim Jones because of the emotion of his lyrics. It got me more focused and more relaxed."

On what the Minnesota game did for his confidence level:

"I feel it's helped me, but I am just going to play my game and..."



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