Stefen Wisniewski and Graham Zug hosted conference calls this week to discuss the Michigan win, the state of their units, facing Northwestern and more. Get a recap of both of their comments here.

Stefen Wisniewski, center

On the biggest difference on the OL in recent games:

"I really think it's the fact that the newer guys are gaining confidence and experience. From there they just play better. It just took some time but now that cycle is happening."

On the Iowa win vs. Michigan State:

"We got home in time to catch it and it was exciting. But we need Iowa to lose - there's a lot of football to play."

On Ako Poti in the huddle:

"He's laid back and pretty quiet. When he gave up the sack he responded well and learned from it."

On Poti's improvement:

"I think it's been improvement with his..."

CALLING CARD: Stefen Wisniewski

Graham Zug, wideout

On if he feels they are playing the best football in the Big Ten currently:

"I think we are playing pretty well right now."

On getting Monday off from practice:

"I think it was important to give us two days of rest and get our legs back. We don't have a bye week, so I think Coach Paterno knew it was important."

On what being a walk-on has done for him personally:

"It's given me whole different perspective of things. I think sometimes when you are highly regarded you don't quite get that perspective. As a walk-on you have to be determined and committed and it just benefits you in the future in the workplace."

On what the reasoning why schools did not offer him scholarships:

"A lot were saying they were waiting on other higher-rater wideouts. I wasn't a lightening fast guy, but I had good stats in high school."

On his decision process to walk-on at Penn State:

"I was recruited by UConn and Boston College, eastern D1 schools..."

Calling Card: Graham Zug


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