NU: Lions Surge Late, Win 34-13

Keep up with the scoring drives, big plays and stats from the Penn State vs. Northwestern game in Evanston.


On NU's second play Kafka mishandles a snap recovered by Crawford. PSU drives down and sets up a 32-yard Wagner field goal.

Penn State 3, N'western 0

After shooting themselves in the foot with a sloppy illegal substitution penalty on the NW punt, they give the Wildcats another shot and allow them to tie it up.

Penn State 3, N'western 3


NW puts together a nice drive on Kafka's arm and legs and manages to get a touchdown thanks to some sloppy defensive play.

N'western 10, Penn State 3

Penn State took the next drive 91 yards in six plays for a touchdown to tie things up.

Penn State 10, N'western 10

Northwestern closes out the half with a long field goal to go ahead.

N'western 13, Penn State 10


First Downs: PSU 9, NU 15
Total Yards: PSU 136, NU 246
Passing Yards: PSU 99, NU 166
Rushing Yards: PSU 137, NU 80
Total Plays: PSU 26, NU: 47
Penalties: PSU 2/10, NU 5/45
Turnovers: PSU 0, NU 1
TOP: PSU 11:45, NU 18:12

Clark: 11/16, 99 yards, 3 carries for 20 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 7 caries for 17 yards
Moye: 3 catches for 42 yards
Zug: 2 catches for 20 yards
Powell:3 catches for 18 yards


Clark takes the first drive of the second half 53 yards after a solid Powell kickoff return to set up another Wagner field goal.

Penn State 13, N'western 13

The Lions and Wildcats traded the ball a few times, as the PSU defensive line started to step up and get pressure on Persa.


During their first possession of the final quarter PSU drove 56 yards and capped the drive with a 2-yard touchdown run by Beachum.

Penn State 20, N'western 13

Forcing a deep three-and out, on the first play of the next drive Clark goes deep on a 53-yard touchdown pass to Moye.

Penn State 27, N'western 13

After another solid defensive stopped, Penn State breaks it open with a 69-yard touchdown run by Royster.

Penn State 34, N'western 13

PSU forced another turnover giving Newsome some reps.


First Downs: PSU 21, NU 23
Total Yards: PSU 437, NU 371
Passing Yards: PSU 266, NU 252
Rushing Yards: PSU 171, NU 119
Total Plays: PSU 59, NU: 85
Penalties: PSU 4/35, NU 6/39
Turnovers: PSU 0, NU 2
TOP: PSU 28:11, NU 31:14

Clark: 22/31, 266 yards, 1 TD, 6 carries for 24 yards, 1 TD
Royster: 15 caries for 118 yards, 1 TD
Beachum: 4 carries for 25 yards, 1 TD
Moye: 6 catches for 123 yards, 1 TD
Zug: 4 catches for 34 yards
Powell: 5 catches for 18 yards


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