NU: The High Five

Review the highs and lows from Penn State's win over Northwestern, including the early rough start and the late easy going for the Lions.

It was a tale of two halves for the Nittany Lions against the Northwestern Wildcats. Review the highs and lows of the victory here:


You Gotta Faith: Trailing 13-10 at halftime, Penn State could have easily gone into their shell, but give credit to the coaches, for making some vital adjustments on both sides of the ball and the players who came out swinging in the second half, outscoring the Wildcats 24-0.

Repaired Line: After a lethargic first half, the defensive line awoke and not only improved, but dominated the trenches in the second half, forcing a series of three-and-outs and pinning NU deep on several occasions.

QB or Not QB?: If there was a guy on offense who emerged as the face of the turnaround it was Daryll Clark who showed confidence and comfort spreading the ball around and making some key plays with his legs when needed. Clark showed his leadership and was one of the sparks for PSU.

Moye Bien: Derek Moye continued his ongoing statement as a go-to target for Clark, ending another big day of catches with 6 grabs for 123 yards and one touchdown, including several that were key possession pull-ins.

Royster Rollin': After a mere 17 rushing yards in the first half, Evan Royster rolled up 101 yards in the second half, including the final 69-yard score that broke up the game and put an end to any concerns with a comeback.


Wake Up: For whatever reason the PSU squad was clearly going through the motions in the first half, with several snuffed out drives. In fact, at halftime the time of possession was dominated by the 'Cats - PSU 11:45 to NU 18:12. Call it road woes, call it looking ahead to Ohio State, call it Halloween; whatever it was it was concerning to many PSU fans.

Field of Screams: In yet another wet, windy game for Penn State, the Northwestern field was sloppy caused a variety of mis-footings, including Clark losing his footing with not a NU player within five yards of him.

Drip Drop: Speaking of sloppy conditions what is with all of these game with messy weather? It's getting to be that it's becoming so commonplace that when PSU goes to a warm-weather bowl destination they may not know what to do with a dry field.

'Back'peddling: At least during the first half, it was surprising to see linebacker Navorro Bowman slow and taking poor pursuit angles. On several early plays he missed some major tackles. We'll have to check and see if he was not feeling well. He seemed to improve in the second half.

Fan Whiff: Northwestern has the opportunity to knock off a top team on national TV during Halloween...and yet it seemed like only a handful of fans got the memo that there was a game. Poor, poor showing by the Wildcat fans in this one. It's a disservice to the "Cardiac Cats."


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