CALLING CARD: Moye and Clark

Catch what PSU QB Daryll Clark and WR Derek Moye had to say about their preparations for Saturday's Ohio State game during their Wednesday conference calls.

Derek Moye

On the Ohio State defense:

"Their corners, they like to play physical. That's something we've been working on this week, getting off the jam more, just trying to match their physical-ness."

On PSU QB Daryll Clark:

"He's a great quarterback to have in the huddle. He's a great leader, as well. … Every time something is on the verge of going wrong, he's there to put everything back on track and make sure it is going right."

On if he expected the young receiving corps to play so well this year:

"I had a lot of faith that we had the guys to step up and that when we got the opportunity we would step up."

On if he expected to make the kind of impact he is making:

"Honestly, I wasn't..."


Daryll Clark

On the Ohio State defense:

"They do a good job stopping the run and the pass. They have yet to let a big play happen against them this year. So it's important to buckle down. … We're just going to have to take everything they give us." He added that patience will be a key.

On being a Ohio native playing against Ohio State:

"Anytime you play against a hometown legend like [fellow Youngstown native] Jim Tressell and be able to compete against him and his football team, it really means a lot to myself and this football team."

On if the play of his receiving corps has been surprising given its inexperience prior to this season:

"No. I began to believe [Derek] Moye and the other guys had big-play ability before the season even started. … I knew this was gonna be a good season for them. And they knew they were going to have to make plays for us to be successful."

On what he recalls about being knocked out of last season's win over Ohio State and if he ever watched a video replay that showed him upset on the sideline that the staff would not let him back on the field because he had sustained a concussion:

He said he blacked out for...

CALLING CARD: Daryll Clark


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