OSU: The High Five

The Nittany Lions had a rough Saturday at the hands of Ohio State, losing 24-7 at home. Review the highs and lows from the game here.

Penn State had a rough time doing just about anything against Ohio State on Saturday. Here is a review of the highs and lows from the game. Let's start with the lows:


Lost Call: PSU's play-calling was downright baffling throughout much of the game. Facing one of the best rush defenses in the country, it was flat out difficult to understand where the coaches were coming from when they would call a quarterback draw or focus on slow-developing run plays with such a staunch defensive line.

Long Road Home: Throughout the entire game Penn State was pinned inside their own redzone and had to try to mount long, sustained drives, which proved to be near impossible for the offense.

It's Not QB: Daryll Clark has shown some tremendous determination and passion for Penn State. Unfortunately, he's just seemingly not the type of quarterback who manages consistent pressure well. Tonight certainly was not his night.

Contain Pain: The PSU defense had it's moments, but when it came to containing Terrelle Pryor, they simply had not answer for his gazelle-like dashes for the sidelines. Navorro Bowman was assigned to spy him and had challenges keeping pace.

Moye Mal: Derek Moye did not register one catch in this game. However, the larger story line is that PSU was not able to spread the ball around consistently like in previous games. Aside from Zug (more on him in the Highs), Stephfon Green, Evan Royster, Mickey Shuler, Andrew Quarless and Chaz Powell had a single catch each.


The Zuggernaut: Graham Zug showed up to play in this game, pulling in seven catches for 96 yards and helping to keep drives alive with several key first downs for PSU.

Four Score: It was surprising and refreshing to see Penn State go for a fourth down touchdown, putting their only points on the board. The move seemed to foreshadow a possible shift into high gear and away from PSU traditional conservative approach to these types of games, but alas it was short lived.

Boone Ball: Punter Jeremy Boone got a workout in this game, with ten boots for 458 total yards, averaging 56 per kick. Boone was instrumental in getting the Lions out of some jams and was put into challenging situations all evening.

Loud Crowd: The Penn State crowd, and particularly the Nittany Lions students showed up in droves with a lot of energy and noise. It was too bad they weren't treated to a better game.

Fill In the Blank: That was about the extent of the positives PSU showed in this contest. If you have any others to fill in as the fifth high please post them on the TAP Board.


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