OSU: Report Card

Who made the grade and who failed miserably in the Nittany Lions 24-7 loss to Ohio State? Check out our game grades.

When asked about the spotty play of his special teams in a 24-7 loss to Ohio State at Beaver Stadium Saturday, Penn State coach Joe Paterno said, “I don't know. We'll have to look at the tapes.”

Let us save you the trouble, Coach.

Your special teams stunk it up. So did your offense. And your defense wasn't all that hot, either.

Other than that, a pretty good showing.

With that in mind, here is our report card for the game.

OVERALL: It is one thing to lose a big game that was tight. It is another to sustain a 17-point whipping at home on national TV with your Big Ten title hopes on the line. Can't say we saw this coming.
Grade: F

OFFENSE: In this conference, offensive success usually hinges on the play of the offensive line. After weeks of steady improvement, the Penn State front five took one giant step backward. Say what you want about play-calling and the struggles of Daryll Clark and Evan Royster. But, on the offensive side of things, this loss is squarely on the line.
Grade: F

DEFENSE: Granted, nobody stepped up and made a big play when one was needed. And granted, everything came unraveled late in the third quarter. But this unit kept Penn State within striking distance for most of the game.
Grade: D+

SPECIAL TEAMS: Cue the circus music -- again. Penn State has two losses this year and special teams' mistakes have hurt in both. We'll say it -- again -- this program needs someone to coordinate special teams.
Grade: F-

COACHING: When a team comes out and lays this kind of egg in all phases of the game, it has to be placed at the foot of the coaches. Penn State has played two Top 25 teams this year and has lost those games by an average of nearly two touchdowns.
Grade: F

INTANGIBLES: Penn State never had any juice in this game.
Grade: F

OTHER GUY: The Vest and company came in and ultimately dominated every facet of the game.
Grade: A

OFFICIALS: Any time Dave Witvoet is in the house, you can expect the unexpected. Saturday's antics included a horrible fumble call on PSU wideout Graham Zug (it was overturned) and a replay of a Clark touchdown sneak AFTER the extra point had been kicked (the TD stood).
Grade: D

CROWD: Pretty loud group early on until the inept play of the Nittany Lions quieted things down.
Grade: B


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