Monday Morning Fullback: OSU

Former Nittany Lion Matt Hahn breaks down Penn State's ugly loss to Ohio State in his weekly column for Fight On State.

General Thoughts
Really hard to take anything positive out of the game from a Penn State perspective. This was really the flattest I have seen PSU come out in a very long time. Offense, defense and special teams all performed well below their standards and Ohio State took advantage. As hard as it is to say, O-State deserves a tremendous amount of credit for the game plan it put together considering the execution it takes to win at Beaver Stadium. Hats off to the sweater vest.

Play of the Game
Penn State's first play from the line of scrimmage, which ended in a sack, sums it up. Line play is everything; PSU's O-Line didn't show up.

Game MVP
I really don't know if I can give out an MVP to a Lion in good conscious. I'm not a huge Terrelle Pryor fan -- in fact, I am one of the people who thinks he would be a much more effective player as a wideout -- but he came in and led his team to a victory with 110,000 people all over him. If you are looking for a bright spot, I guess we can be happy that Sean Lee had 14 tackles and the last two weeks he has really started to look like the player we are used to seeing.

What I Didn't Like
Outside of everything, Penn State's punting game. This is usually the strongest area of special teams for Penn State, I know because I was on it and Coach Larry Johnson does an excellent of scheming and makes sure reps are taken every day. For whatever reason, this season the punting unit has given up huge plays. This week was the same story. Ray Small was a killer.

What I Liked
At least we know Jeremy Boone can tackle.

Did You Notice?
I didn't know Ryan Seacrest was a Penn State fan. Simon is probably a Michigan or Notre Dame fan.

And Another Thing
Cool it with the Kevin Newsome talk. There is still much to play for and Daryll Clark has been great the past two years. Newsome will have all of the winter and spring to get plenty of reps under center.

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