Monday Morning Fullback: Indiana

Former Nittany Lion Matt Hahn breaks down Penn State's mistake-filled 31-20 victory over the Hoosiers at Beaver Stadium.

General Thoughts
In seeing some of the feedback after the game, I get the impression that most fans are unsatisfied with this win and can't seem to get over the rough start. Was Penn State terrible early on? Yes. Do the Lions deserve some criticism for turning the ball over four times in the first half? Yes. Is this a 2-9 team? NO, but by the looks of some of the feedback fans seem to think it is. The bottom line is -- and being a former player I think I have the right to say this -- it's hard to bounce back after a deflating game. And it doesn't get more deflating than the loss to Ohio State the week before. Players can tell you all they want that they have moved on to the next game, but in all honesty games like Ohio State stick with you for a little while. I was not at all surprised with the way Penn State started off the Indiana game. The important thing is the Lions finished strong and got the “W.”

Play of the Game
Evan Royster's touchdown right before half took the wind right out of Indiana's sails. Much credit goes to the Hoosiers for fighting all game long.

Game MVP
Navorro Bowman had 12 tackles and a 73-yard pick six. He might as well have just came out with the seniors.

What I Liked
Anytime a team is turning the ball over or dropping as many punts as Penn State did, you won't find it in the win column very often. Good job bouncing back from the self-imposed blunders.

What I Didn't Like
The turnovers and special teams play.

Did You Notice?
Not sure what the prognosis is for Chaz Powell and Brandon Beachum, but neither situation looked good.

And Another Thing
East Lansing is not a fun place to play and Michigan State is coming of a comeback win at Purdue, I think we are in for a tight one.

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