Monday Morning Fullback: MSU

Former Lion Matt Hahn takes a look at Penn State's regular season-capping win in East Lansing and gives his view on what it means in terms of the BCS.

General Thoughts
Penn State started off slowly, and like most of the fans out there I thought we were going to be in for a nail-bitter in East Lansing. The second half was a different story. That was the best Daryll Clark has looked in the last couple of weeks. A nice way to end the year and more importantly a nice impression to leave on the BCS bowl selection committees.

Game MVP
Clark gets this one hands down. He had 310 yards passing, four TDs and more records broken. Nice way to finish out an excellent Big Ten career.

Play of the Game
Curtis Drake's TD pass to Andrew Quarless in the back of the end zone.

What I Liked
The way Penn State's coaching staff used Drake. They seem to be utilizing his versatility in the same way they used Derrick Williams. Look for Drake to be a main part of the offense next year.

What I Didn't Like
Two missed field goals. No need to get all over the special teams. They have struggled this year and I'm sure it is something that will be addressed in the off-season.

Did You Notice
Is it me or does Michigan State always have the same record going into the last game of the season against Penn State? Six wins every year. Also, the Land Grant Trophy is one of the more ugly trophies in college football.

And Another Thing
Does PSU get an at-large bid to a BCS bowl game? My gut feeling tells me yes, simply because the BCS doesn't go off actual head to head competition. If they did go off head to head competition the nod would obviously go to Iowa. What is it going to come down to? Here are a couple things to keep in mind. Which team travels better? With this one I think it's a push. Iowa has a pretty solid following and is a big university that has had good fan support in previous bowl games. Program history? This one goes to Penn State. Better storyline? Anytime Coach Paterno is coaching in a BCS game at the age of 83 it is going to be a great storyline, so edge going to Penn State again. Finally you have to look at entertain value. Let's face it, watching Iowa play offense is not the most exciting thing in college football and with Ricky Stanzi possibly out it could get even more vanilla. Edge going to Penn State. All that being said, this is the BCS, so who knows what happens?

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