TROPHY TALK: Brennan's Heisman Ballot

The selection of the Heisman Trophy is often surrounded by confusion and controversy as to why voters select the players the do. While we can't provide exposure for the entire voting process, we get FOS Editor and Heisman voter Mark Brennan to reveal and justify his picks for the 2009 award.

Mark Brennan has voted for the Heisman since the mid-1990s and is one of 25 voting representatives from Pennsylvania. Brennan details and justifies his Heisman vote below, which was due this past Monday. The ballot asks voters for their top three candidates for the award and here are Brennan's picks for the 2009 season:

1. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska, DT

Brennan's comment: "He was not in my top three before I watched the Nebraska-Texas (Big 12 title) game. He was obviosly great in that game. So I went and checked his numbers from the season. Incredible. He led the Cornhuskers in tackles and his TFL numbers were sick. I had some people mock me (including friends) for voting for a defensive guy. I don't get that. Like they are any less important than offensive guys? Suh is the best player I have seen this season by a long shot."

2. Mark Ingram, Alabama, RB

Brennan's comment: "He came up huge in his biggest game of the year. Also loved his YPC average (6.5) and the fact that he did damage as a running back and catching the ball. In my eyes, it helped playing for a unbeaten team that earned a trip to the national title game."

3. Toby Gerhart, Stanford, RB

Brennan's comment: "I was initially skeptical because of his YPC average (5.6). But he was a workhorse. 311 carries and 26 TDs. To get that much action and still be strong late in the season says a lot. He also had a pass for a score."

Final comment: "I went into the final weekend of action leaning toward Colt McCoy. But that fact that he struggled, and that Texas won in spite of his incredible late brain cramp, knocked him down my board. It did not impact by voting, but I was really put off by the way he didn't own up to almost blowing the game, acting like he knew the ball would land out of bounds with a second left and replay would correct the initial call."


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