Get an update on last weekend's "group huddle," which included several pledges from the Class of 2010 who took in official visits to Happy Valley.

Just an update on this past weekend's recruit huddle, which was called "a big success." Several players had the opportunity to take their official visits together. Among the Class of 2010 prospects who made the trip to Happy Valley this past weekend were:

Robert Bolden (QB)
Miles Dieffenbach (OL)
Khairi Fortt (LB)
Luke Graham (OL)
Mike Hull (LB)
DaQuan Jones (DL)
Paul Jones (QB)
Alex Kenney (WR)
Levi Norwood (WR)
C.J. Olaniyan (DL)
Silas Redd (RB)
Thomas Ricketts (OL)

"This is an approach we've taken way back since Dan Connor's class and it's worked well. It allows the guys to have a complete and relaxed view of the program while getting to know the guys they will be playing ball with; both current [players] and fellow freshmen," one observer said.

One key element that Penn State tends to do very well is matching up players with their player hosts. "Often it's guys who have a geographical fit, like having Mike Farrell host a guy like Miles Dieffenbach (both of whom are from the Pittsburgh area)."

At times however the staff will get more creative. For example, Paul Jones was matched up with Stephon Morris. Why? "The staff felt the fact Morris saw early action as a freshman and ended up becoming a real impact player could provide an important perspective to Paul."

The Class of 2010 pledges got tours of the athletic and academic side of the program and had the opportunity to socialize with their hosts and each other. They also got to take in the team as the began their practices for the Capital One Bowl.

The future Nittany Lions also got to sit down with their position coaches to discuss everything from the scheme and conditioning to drills and depth charts.

"It's really cool to see the guys start to develop relationships during this weekend. Several of the guys are already close, and this hudlle up approach gives them a jumping off point together," an observer explained. "I remember even as seniors guys like Dan Connor, A.Q. Shipley, Gerald Cadogan and Mark Rubin would talk about their official visits together."

All in all the weekend was viewed as a success by observers. "They seem like a pretty close class aready - most of the guys are relaxed and laid back around each other. I know there is a feeling that this could be another special class, but we'll have to wait and see."


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