CHAT RECAP: Special Guests

FOS Recruiting Analyst Cory James hosted another of his exclusive trademark recruiting chats which had some special visitors stop by; Robert Bolden, Terrell Chestnut, Miles Dieffenbach and Michael Thornton. Get an exclusive recap here.

Here are recaps of Cory James' chat session which included some special visitors:

Miles Dieffenbach

Miles said his last name is pronounced "Deefen Bock". After he committed, Pitt and Florida State kept in contact with him but he pretty much told them off and nobody has been staying in contact with him since then. Miles stated he will absolutely be playing center at Penn State.

He said that his recruiting of other players for PSU has slowed down a bit lately, but he did talk to Marcus Lattimore and wished him a Merry Christmas and told him he hoped to see him in Happy Valley soon. Miles said that Lattimore told him Merry Christmas as well and told him that he hopes to be up in Happy Valley soon. Miles went on to say that it is Penn State or Auburn for Lattimore.

Miles said that Penn State told him to come in ready to play, so no redshirt is expected for him. He said that PSU isn't allowed to give him a workout program until February 2nd so when that day comes he will be working on the routine they make up for him. He is currently 6-foot-5, 290 pounds.

Miles said that he talks to a bunch of the current PSU commits everyday and he said this is one of the closest groups of kids he has ever seen. Miles went on to say the recruiting class members are all a bunch of friends and it will be a fun four years as they plan on winning a championship for "you guys." Miles said he talks to Stefan Wisniewski and he is a good guy, but the coaches said they may not play Stefan at center next year.

Miles said the fan base at Penn State is unbelievable and it is a great university with great academics and the football program is nationwide, he just loves everything about Penn State....and they have great food in Happy Valley. He is hopefully going to major in Secondary Education.

Miles said that Dominique Easley is one of the guys in the class he hasn't really talked to that much but he wants to make sure to talk to him at the Under Armour Game when they are both down in Florida. Miles said that he thought about enrolling early, but he likes his high school and Coach Bradley doesn't really agree with enrolling early so he decided to stay and finish high school. The Under Armour Game is January 2nd at 11 am on ESPN according to Miles. He said he cannot go to the Capital One Bowl because they are not allowed to go out that night, but he will be watching it from his hotel. Miles will attend a PSU practice for the bowl game at some point, however. He said he has been working on his flexibility to stay lower on blocks, get quicker, and less prone to injury. Miles has also been working on his first step off the ball as Dick Anderson has stressed that to him as well.

Miles' best JoePa story so far was when his parents were sitting in Joe's living room as Jay walked in the room Joe said, "You know, if we had some better coaches we would do a lot better." Jay came back with, "Well dad, it all starts at the top." Joe didn't know what to say and just started laughing.

Miles said the biggest goofball of this recruiting class would probably be Paul Jones, Miles, or Thomas Ricketts. Miles said he is not playing basketball this year and he hasn't wrestled since he was eight years old and that he hated it. He loves to fish, play ping-pong, and shoot pool. Miles said that he thought PJ looked around at other schools, but was never really going to go elsewhere because he loves Penn State. He said he is looking forward to competing with some of the best players from around the country in the Under Armour Game to see how he matches up. Miles also said it will be fun hanging with Dakota Royer (his roommate), Evan Hailes, and Dominique Easley.

Michael Thornton

Michael said that distance would not be a factor at all in his decision. He just wants to play ball, get prepared for the next level, and get a great education. Michael said that Penn State is not at a disadvantage because his parents could not visit with him. He said that they are trying to pick a weekend in January sometime to drive up and see Penn State again. Michael said that he loves cold weather and he would rather be cold than hot. Michael was asked whether his TV would be on the Outback Bowl or the Capital One Bowl and he said, without hesitation, the Capital One Bowl. He said that he plans on announcing his final three schools a few days before signing day and then not announcing it publically until signing day, however, he will tell the coaches ahead of time so there are no mishaps.

Michael said that he was not disappointed about delaying his enrollment in college until the summer because it was his decision. He wanted to make sure he made the right decision on the next four years of his life and he wasnt sure yet so he didnt want to rush things. He also said that if he had decided early so he could enroll early, it would have been for Auburn because that was his dream school, however, things change and he went on some visits that opened his eyes a little bit.

Michael is planning on visiting Miami at some point in January, but he has not set a date yet. His teammate is enrolling in January at Miami as well, but he is not pressuring him in any way to go to Miami as well. Michael said that his top three right now would include Penn State and Auburn, but he still has some visits to take and things could always change.

Michael said he has talked to Marcus Lattimore when they visited Penn State together and they both really liked it at Penn State. He thought Lattimore was seriously considering Penn State. Michael also met Adrian Coxson when they visited Georgia together. Michael said that he sat with Adrian at some gala they had at Georgia and it seemed like Coxson was sold on Penn State, he was just taking some visits.

When asked to clarify his comments about how Penn State stressed academics, Michael said that "Penn State is in the top phase of the education side of things...and really even the football phase of things is top 10 really. So that is a big thing for me. I want to get to the league but I also want to have a good education just in case."

Michael stated that he talked to Coach Johnson and Coach Buggs recently and they said they wanted to come visit him in January, but they haven't set a date yet. Thornton also throws the discuss and shotput on his track and field team.

Robert Bolden

Rob stated that he is preparing for Penn State by running, lifting, and talking to Coach Jay [Paterno] a lot. Rob said that he loves the PSU offense as it is similar to his high school offense, but he knows he has a lot of work to do in all areas, especially reading defenses at the next level. Rob said he talks with C.J. Olaniyan and Alex Kenney a good bit. Rob is running track in the 110 hurdles, 4x200, 4x400, and open 200.

His official visit date for Penn State will be in January, he forgot the specific date. He has talked to Alex Kenney about rooming together, but they haven't talked about it in a while. Rob said that he loved the people in State College as everyone was genuine and made him feel very comfortable.

Rob said he is 100 percent committed to Penn State and the coaches have told him that when Darryl Clark leaves that the job is wide open. Rob is hoping to wear No. 1 at Penn State. Rob said that it was tough running a run first offense in high school after his sophomore year, but he got used to it. Rob said some schools call him from time to time, but he tells them he is committed, including Coach D'Antonio just the other day. His final words were "I cant wait to get to Penn State."

Sidenote: Someone asked Rob if he had talked to Galen Hall at all during his recruitment. Rob's response was "Who?"

Terrell Chestnut

Terrell isn't trying to rush anything with the recruiting process and is currently hearing from Pittsburgh, Penn State, Rutgers, West Virginia, Villanova, Temple, Connecticut, UCLA, Syracuse and Maryland, among others.

He hopes to attend a few PSU camps with Maika Polamalu and Kayvon Greene

He's being recruited by Mike McQueary and they have a good relationship

Depth chart will play a role in where he goes but he wants to be able to earn his playing time just the same

Academics will also play a large role in his decisions. He's very good friends with current Lion Brent Carter.

He'd like to go to the same school as Maika, but that won't be a factor in either's decision. He won't graduate high school early as he wants to enjoy the time left with his friends.

He goes by the nicknames of Relly and Rell

When asked about playing at an urban or rural type school, he said he loved the environment Penn State is in.

Terrell texted me after the chat and really seemed to love the experience.

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