FOS-TV: Best Buy Visit

See what went down when the Nittany Lions were given a little spending money in Orlando Tuesday.

ORLANDO -- Give more than a hundred college football players $420 each. Then turn them loose in a Best Buy. What happens?

We found out here Tuesday, as the Penn State football team went through that exact scenario following an afternoon practice. The shopping spree was part of the festivities leading up to Friday's Capital One Bowl against LSU.

The Nittany Lions wrapped up practice at Freedom High just after 1 p.m. Then, after several players conducted interviews with the press, everyone loaded onto three buses for the police-escorted ride to a Best Buy on Orange Blossom Trail.

As the PSU players entered the store, “Fight On State” was playing over the loud speakers.

The Lions immediately fanned out across the business and began spending their $420 gift cards.

You can catch some of the action in this installment of FOS-TV.


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