LSU: Lions Top Tigers 19-17

In what should have been renamed the Sloppy Bowl, Penn State managed a late field goal to beat LSU in Orlando. Get a recap of the game.

Facing horrible, wet and sloppy field conditions Penn State and LSU are squarin off in Orlando in the Capital One Bowl.


Penn State got the opening kickoff and started to move the ball, but was forced to punt, which was partially blocked.

Penn State's defense forced a punt of their own. However, the Lions were snuffed again and forced again to punt. Penn State surprisingly makes a shift, putting freshman Justin Brown in as the punt returnman. Unfortunately PSU is forced to pass again.

Penn State 0, LSU 0

Penn State forced another punt, but the PSU receivers continue their streak of drops, this time Moy drops a wide open pass. But Graham Zug picks up a big third and 10 first down. On the next play Derek Moye makes up for the earlier drops and pulls in a 37-yard touchdown.

Penn State 7, LSU 0


LSU takes a short kickoff and moves it into PSU territory. After a lucky shoestirng cat-run by LaFell, Penn State defense started to stiffen in the redzone forcing an LSU field goal.

Penn State 7, LSU 3

On the ensuing drive, Penn State started to move down the field with a big pass to Quarless and a nice run by Clark. Alas, Penn State is forced to punt.

Penn State forces a punt of their own with some solid defensive play by the Lions. They get the ball just over the 50 yard line.

Penn State marches down inside the 15, but fall short and kick the 26-yard field goal.

Penn State 10, LSU 3

On the next drive penalties killed LSU with holding call (finally) and an an intentional grounding call forcing another three and out.

Penn State had to punt it away, but on the first LSU play of the next drive, A.J. Wallace picked off the Jefferson pass at the LSU 22-yard line.

On the first play Royster runs it for 16 yards to the six yard line. PSU struggled to get into the endzone with some sloppy trick play attempts. But the Lions got a gift with a holding call on LSU

In what was a messy, replay-filled final two minutes of the first half, Penn State finally put up a field goal.

Penn State 13, LSU 3


First Downs: PSU 10, LSU 2
Total Yards: PSU 186, LSU 67
Passing Yards: PSU 137, LSU 69
Rushing Yards: PSU 49, LSU -2
Total Plays: PSU 40, LSU 25
Penalties: PSU 0/0, LSU 6/30
Turnovers: PSU 0, LSU 1
TOP: PSU 19:48, LSU 10:12

Daryll Clark: 9 for 22 for 137 yards, 1 TD, 6 carries for 10 yards
Evan Royster: 7 carries for 31 yards
Andrew Quarless: 5 catches for 63 yards
Derek Moye: 2 catches for 45 yards, 1 TD
Graham Zug: 2 catches for 29 yards


LSU started with the ball in the second half, getting a nice return. PSU forced a quick punt that was downed at the one yard line. Although Penn State had to ultimately punt they drove 56 yards and chewed up a lot of clock; 6:19.

Penn State 13, LSU 3

On the next drive LSU coughed up a fumble that Sean Lee picked it up. Penn State drove it down inside the five but had to settle for another field goal.

Penn State 16, LSU 3

After a weak squibb to the mid-field line, LSU marched down and managed a touchdown.

Penn State 16, LSU 10


Penn State's drive stalls and LSU captializes on a long pass that got them in position for a touchdown.

LSU 17, Penn State 16

After a comedy of errors that took 15 minutes to sort out from the Pac-10 refs who didn't even know what down it was, Penn State is forced to punt. However, the PSU defense forces a punt of their own.

Penn State gets the ball on the 30-yard line. With some clutch tosses to Zug and a few runs by Clark and Royster, Penn State started to mount a drive, getting down to the 20 yard line. PSU drained the clock to 1:01 to kick a field goal.

Penn State 19, LSU 17

LSU got a solid kick return to the 40. But with no timeouts Jefferson ran it for a first game. However, with a costly personal foul penalty against LSU the Tigers could not stop the clock and Jefferson simply did not have the arm to go long.

Penn State 19, LSU 17


First Downs: PSU 21, LSU 9
Total Yards: PSU 340, LSU 245
Passing Yards: PSU 215, LSU 202
Rushing Yards: PSU 125, LSU 43
Total Plays: PSU 76, LSU 51
Penalties: PSU 2/10, LSU 10/64
Turnovers: PSU 0, LSU 3
TOP: PSU 38:21, LSU 21:39

Daryll Clark: 18 for 35 for 215 yards, 1 TD, 11 carries for 20 yards
Evan Royster: 17 carries for 65 yards
Andrew Quarless: 8 catches for 88 yards
Derek Moye: 3 catches for 53 yards, 1 TD
Graham Zug: 4 catches for 51 yards

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