LSU: Report Card

Who made the grade and who was all wet as Penn State beat LSU in the Cap One Bowl? Check it out.

OVERALL: Penn State dominated the action most of the day but thanks to lousy special teams play had to rally to win. It never should have been that close.
Grade: B

OFFENSE: Did a nice job moving the ball overall. But the red-zone issues nearly came back to bite the Lions.
Grade: B-

DEFENSE: We're not going to quibble over the breakdowns on the short-field scores. LSU had nine first downs on the day.
Grade: B+

SPECIAL TEAMS: The only redeeming factor here was Collin Wagner going 4 of 4 on a nasty day. Otherwise, this would have been a failing grade. Penn State has serious issues with special teams. With more than a month to tighten things up, overall the Lions looked as bad as ever in this department.
Grade: D+

COACHING: We can't get past the special teams issues (obviously). Also, Joe Paterno admitted poor communication resulted in the wrong offensive play being called near the goal line at the end of the first half.
Grade: C

INTANGIBLES: Penn State played with a certain swagger that was missing in previous games against ranked opponents.
Grade: A

OTHER GUY: Dropped passes. Dropped would-be interceptions. Poor clock management late. Ten penalties. We were not overly impressed with the Tigers.
Grade: C

OFFICIALS: How on earth does the entire crew lose track of down and distance at a key point of the game? Thank goodness for replay. Before this, we didn't know it could be used to correct stupidity.
Grade: D

CROWD: Sure, there were some empty seats. But given the conditions, fans from both schools did a marvelous job. It really made for a fun (and loud) atmosphere in the stadium.
Grade: A+


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