With a full team of recruiting analysts in Texas for the U.S. Army Bowl, the assessments on the future Nittany Lions in the game - Khairi Fortt, Mike Hull, Paul Jones, Silas Redd and Zach Zwinak - are coming in. See the early reviews from drills here.

Penn State is well-represented in the U.S. Army Bowl, which is scheduled to be played this Saturday at 1 pm ET and televised on NBC. With Class of 2010 pledge Khairi Fortt, Mike Hull, Paul Jones, Silas Redd and Zach Zwinak participating in the game, take a look at the early practice reviews from analysts of the future Nittany Lions:

Paul Jones, QB: Said to have a "cannon" for a thowing arm, Jones has had impressive practices displaying power and "pinpoint accuracy" despite some early cold, windy conditions in drills.

Physically, Jones is said to look "as good as we have seen him in a few years." Early on he has been described as the "best thrower" on the field with the "strongest arm" and has worked in some read-option work as well. He does have to work on squaring his shoulders with his motion though.

Silas Redd, RB: Redd is not only taking running back snaps, but also handling some kickoffs. Redd has "made a great adjustments on some bad balls." He has run very smooth and aggressive in the early Army Bowl practices.

Redd "broke ankles all day long" with his cuts and once "he hits second gear and is gone." however his skills are not limited to carrying the ball as he has done "a great job at blitz pickup" and also has caught the ball well out of the backfield. He is also expected to be a factor in the return game.

Khairi Fortt, LB: Said to be a "very active" player, Fortt can play in space or in traffic and has shown impressive versatility in drills. Observers are impressed with his "great size and speed" and can play inside or outside linebacker.

He has shown a propensity to shed blocks and also displayed some solid cover skills in the flat. Fortt is also a "solid hitter, but needs to work more on form tackling instead of trying to deliver a knockout blow."

Zack Zwinack, RB/LB: Although he is generally a running back, Zwinack has seen some reps at linebacker in Army Bowl practices early on. In fact, Zwinak is regarded by as the No. 1 fullback prospect in the country, but the is also considered one of the best linebackers in the country. Zwinak is "a hardnosed throwback type of player" and "fits the exact profile of what has been one of the main keys to the success the Nittany Lions have enjoyed during the Joe Paterno era."

He runs and blocks "like a bull in a china shop" and "destroys whatever is in his path." He is said to hit holes quickly and is very light on his feet for such a big back. He also cuts just as well as most smaller backs. Zwinack is a "devastating lead blocker" although analysts would like to see him run a little lower through the line.

Mike Hull, LB/RB: Hull "exudes toughness" as an aggressive player. He has shown impressive intensity and has been "killing it" in practice early on. He is a guy who "always makes plays and seems to have a knack for the ball."

Said to be a fierce hitter on defense and plays well in traffic and has "very solid" sideline-to-sideline pursuit skills. Hull has also shown good instincts and "rarely puts himself in a bad position."

Hull is also a talented running back and has been impressive with the reps he has had in the backfield, showing good vision and strong runs between the tackles.


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