With the ink dried on the letters of intent for Penn State's Class of 2010, we break down which assistants led the way on the recruitment of each prospect.

Keep in mind that we're giving credit for a recruit to the coach who made initial contact with the prospect. In many instances the position coach will also play an instrumental role in the recruitment of a player. However, for the purpose of this tally, we only provide credit to the coach who served as the lead recruiter for the region the player is from.

Penn State's recruiting approach is generally to assign specific regions to certain coaches, and the fact that a particular coach does not land a certain number of recruits in a given year is not necessarily an indication that he did a poor job with recruiting. It could simply mean the talent level was not high in his region this past year.

Here is the tally of recruits by coach:

Tom Bradley (5): Miles Dieffenbach, Luke Graham, Mike Hull, Paul Jones, Tom Ricketts

Larry Johnson (4): Brad Bars, Kyle Baublitz, Khamrone Kolb, Zach Zwinak

Mike McQueary (4): DaQuan Jones, Alex Kenney, Levi Norwood, Shyquawn Pullium

Ron Vanderlinden (3): Robert Bolden, C.J. Olaniyan, Dakota Royer

Kermit Buggs (2): Khairi Fortt, Silas Redd

Dick Anderson (1): Kevin Haplea

Bill Kenney (1): Evan Hailes


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