Wednesday was Penn State's annual Pro Day. Get full coverage of the event and see how the Nittany Lion NFL prospects fared in their performances for the NFL reps.

With representatives form basically every NFL team, the Nittany Lions hosted their annual Pro Day event in Holuba Hall, which consisted of a series of events which mirrored the NFL Combine, including the bench-press, 40-yard dash, cone drill, position drills and more.

Here are a series of notes and observations from the event:

  • Everyone at the event was buzzing about how well Daryll Clark threw in passing drills. He said the key Wednesday was that he had a chance to throw a lot more balls than he did at the combine. He also like working with people he knew -- James McDonald, Patrick Mauti, Andrew Quarless and Mickey Shuler.

  • Quarless and Navarro Bowman both said all the NFL scouts are asking them about their off-field issues. But they both said they had no problem with that, given what each has been through. They both said they are just trying to answer questions as honestly as possible. They did the same thing with the media last year and it worked well for both of them.

  • Quarless is absolutely ripped. He weighs 252 pounds, but looks bigger than that. Reports are that his 40 was in the 4.57 range, which is outstanding.

  • Shuler apparently had a vertical just below 38 inches and a broad jump just less than 11 feet. He said his 40 was 4.62. Throw in the 28 reps on the bench and he helped himself more than anyone today.

  • Sean Lee said his best 40 was 4.59 seconds. He passed on the jumping stuff because he did that at the NFL Combine.

  • As FOS Editor Mark Brennan explained, "I don't think anyone is enjoying this more than Odrick. He was messing around with the media afterward, getting on me for showing up late to interview him (I was talking to Lee) and then chiding Pat Boland for asking if he can play end or tackle in the NFL ("You know I can do both."). His 40s were in the same range as the combine.

  • Knowledge Timmons had the fastest 40 of any of the ones we heard about on the day (4.49 seconds).

  • Snapper Andrew Pitz said he did really well on the snaps. He is a pretty straight shooter on that stuff, too. He did some inside and some outside. They were only punt snaps. He said one coach from the Texans told him, "If you can do the long ones, we know you can do the short ones."

These were the 40-yard dash time ranges we got for different guys by talking to various sources (including them):

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