FOS Recruiting Analyst Cory James gets answers to some candid, straight questions from FOS Premium Members right from the source. Get the latest here on Ben Koyack.

Cory James takes questions from members straight to Penn State prospects to get the straight lowdown on their recruitment in the FOS Recruit Mailbag series. See the latest from Ben Koyack in this exclusive Recruit Mailbag feature.

FOS Member: What are your general thoughts on Penn State?

Koyack: "They're a great school. They're always getting high in the rankings, using their talents, and have a fan base like no other."

FOS Member: Word is the Penn State and Ohio State spring games are on the same day. Which one will you be attending if either, and will you be attending any spring practices for either?

Koyack: "If they're on the same day, I'm probably going to avoid going to one over the other. I'm pretty busy with track, but I still plan on getting out to a practice sometime for both teams."

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