Holts Reels in Offers, Interest

One of the top lineman in the nation, Kiaro Holts of Indiana talks to FightOnState.com about a busy summer of visits planned and his recent offer from PSU.

In his spare time, Kiaro Holts like to fish, going after catfish in particular. It should really be no surprise that Holts, who will be playing in the Under Armour All-America Bowl next January, is an expert angler. Considering the way he has been reeling in offers from across the country, Holt is turning out to be a big catch himself.

"Things are going good right now," the offensive lineman from Warren Central in Indiana told FightOnState.com. "I'm getting ready to head off to a team workout right now."

Warren Central won a state championship last year and Holts thinks it can do it again this year. He plans on being a stronger, more physical player this fall. The off-season is giving him a chance to get his reps in the weight room and also to show leadership; after all, he is a captain on what he termed a young team.

"We're young with a lot of new players, but as a senior I want to be an example to the younger players," Holts said.

Offers have been coming in for Holts, whose most recent catch came from Oregon. In fact, the Ducks are expected to visit his school Monday afternoon to watch the team workout. Next week, Holts will visit North Carolina and the following week he will head down to Florida to take in the scene at Gainesville. He is planning a visit to Oregon as well in late June. A decision, he says, is coming early this fall. Holts said that there are two primary factors in play for a school to land his services.

"The entire atmosphere around the team must be good," Holts said. "I also have to connect with the positional coach too."

Earlier this month, Holts got an offer from Penn State, a program that he thinks highly of. He said that conference and prestige doesn't matter too much to him, that there are other factors more important to him. Right now, it has primarily been a steady diet of mail from the Nittany Lions.

"They kind of came in a bit later than everyone else with the offer," Holts said. "So I haven't planned anything with them right now, but they're in the picture."

Currently, he said that USC, Florida, North Carolina and Cincinnati are recruiting him the hardest and that he would like to connect more with Ole Miss, a program that had recruited him very hard earlier in the process. Holts did note that he would like someplace a bit warmer for his college ball or at the very least, warmer then Indiana.

"Someplace with less snow than we got here," Holts said with a laugh.

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