Catching Up With Carter's Coach had the chance for an exclusive interview with Coach Bill Cole of William Penn, the high school of PSU commit Kyle Carter. What kind of player is Carter? Is he solid to PSU? How does he project at the next level?

The first recruit for Penn State's Class of 2011 came from Delaware, a state that has been a nice pipeline for the blue and white over the past few years. For the past three seasons, the newest Nittany Lion, Kyle Carter, has had the opportunity to play for William Penn head coach Bill Cole. had the opportunity to go one on one with Cole about Penn State's next tight end! The first school to offer Kyle was Penn State, but he seems like a player who has the intangibles in terms of size and speed and a good tape. Why wasn't he a more highly recruited player? A Delaware bias?

Coach Cole: Kyle received interest from most D-I programs in the East. However, most wanted him to come to their summer camp to see him live before they made him an offer. Some D-IAA schools have offered him. He weighed 205 pounds last year and we had him split out a lot, so schools wanted to see him block.

He is up to 230 pounds of good weight now and I am excited to see him use it next season. What was your advice to Kyle after the Penn State offer? Did you want him to wait and see what other programs offered or did the fact that he was familiar with the program and grew up a fan make you feel comfortable with the offer?

Coach Cole: He and his parents have visited a lot of schools and he has a good idea of what he is looking for. I told him if he gets offered from a school that he really likes, he might want to take it so he can relax and enjoy his senior year. I believe Penn State was the top choice for him and his parents, so it was an easy decision for them. For those that haven't seen Kyle play in person, what kind of player is he?

Coach Cole: He is a smart player with soft hands and has a great spatial awareness; he uses his body to help shield off defenders and get in a good position to catch the ball and finds dead zones in coverage. He said that he is "110 percent" commited to Penn State. Is that a fair statement or do you think he might open up his recruitment?

Coach Cole: I believe he will be buying more blue and white colored clothing. Who does he remind you of, either at the college or NFL level, in terms of playing skill and potential ability?

Coach Cole: Maybe an L.J. Smith out of Rutgers, who played with the Eagles. I am hoping with Kyle's work ethic and the extra pounds that he put on that he will be able to block better than L.J. Smith. You are getting a great player, but an even better person and student in Kyle Carter!

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