He Can Go For Miles and Miles

Penn State wide receiver recruit Miles Shuler talks about his recent offer from the Lions, a possible SEC offer and what makes a good school for him.

High school football rules in New Jersey prohibit excessive end zone celebrations, including touchdown dances. For Long Branch High junior Miles Shuler, it doesn't matter too much as Shuler says that he usually tosses the ball to the referee and acts like he's been there before. But an ever growing number of colleges are hoping that Shuler will be doing a touchdown dance or two for them in 2011.

Shuler is fast becoming one of the most highly sought recruits in the Northeast, hauling in multiple offers from some of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the nation. Right now, according to Shuler, he expects to be hearing soon from USC, Oregon and Florida – with the Gators supposedly set to call him on Wednesday with their evaluation of his tape. He said that the staff at Florida was really impressed with his 100 meter time at the Meet of Champions, a scintillating 10.39 seconds.

Recently, Shuler hauled in an offer from Penn State, something that excites him. He said he got the call from assistant Dick Anderson and had a nice talk with the coach. Shuler noted that Penn State is a good academic school, something that is very important to him. He called the offer from Penn State "one of the big ones" I've gotten so far.

"It's a real good feeling to have a program like Penn State offer you," Shuler said. "Penn State is big-time, a big program and they're always ranked and getting a lot of attention. It means a lot."

Shuler said that the legacy of being a Nittany Lion appeals to him as well.

"Everyone knows that Penn State has a great tradition and that they're one of the top programs in the nation," Shuler said. "They have a big stadium and the fans are crazy."

He said that the offer, which he expects to receive in the mail, came with some compliments on the phone by Anderson.

"He told me that I am a great player, that I can fit into their system. Coach told me that I am the type of receiver they want, that they need," Shuler said.

Shuler said that academics are the most important aspect to him in picking a school and that after that, the dynamics of the coaching staff and the players are really important. The wide receiver said that distance from home isn't that important to him. He's traveled most of his life, Shuler said, and he has family throughout the country.

On Sunday, Shuler spent the day at Rutgers Stadium watching the New Jersey vs. New England all-star game. He also took in a recruiting event hosted by Rutgers, a barbeque-style meet-and-greet where he had the opportunity to talk with other recruits. Shuler praised Rutgers as a program, saying that he is comfortable there with the academics, the coaches and the locker room environment of the players. As far as an official visit, Shuler said that Rutgers would not be one of his five official visits due to its proximity to his home and the fact that he has been there multiple times.

Shuler also said that he has been nominated to play in the 2010 U.S. Army All-American Bowl.

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