PA QB is Big-Time Prospect

Chad Henne, from Wilson High School in West Lawn, PA, is already one of the most sought after junior quarterback prospects in the country. How many schools have offered? Which schools has he visited?

Name: Chad Henne
Position: QB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 215 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
School: Wilson HS, West Lawn, PA

As a junior last season, Chad Henne threw for 2,200 yards including 24 touchdown passes.

"He does so many things well," Wilson's head football coach Jim Cantafio said Tuesday morning.  "I think his best attributes are his leadership role and his physical toughness.  Also, his arm is very, very, very strong."

Chad already has scholarship offers from many big-time programs including Miami, Florida State, Michigan, Penn State, Georgia and Tennessee to name a few.

"I only sent film to 10 schools, but everybody else got film through Forbes Recruiting Agency or wherever and they've known him now for the last 4 years because he'll be a 4-year starter.  So, his name's been out there for quite a period of time.

"Right now, he presently has about 26 offers.  Anybody that calls offers him a full scholarship, let's put it that way.

"The coach from Florida State told him on the phone on Friday morning he's the best quarterback in the country.  Coach Fullmer called the other day and he's the number one quarterback on their list.  He's the guy they want.  If you were to call any one of those schools, they would tell you without a shadow of a doubt that Chad Henne is one of the top 3 quarterbacks in America.

"He went to Purdue's Elite Quarterback Camp last year.  There were a hundred kids there and he was voted the number one quarterback in camp and Purdue offered him a full scholarship after that camp.

"He also got invited to the Fab 7, which is another camp in California that they are running over Memorial Day weekend.  They're inviting the top 7 quarterbacks out to California."

Chad has already visited a couple of the schools on his list.

"He's gone on some unofficial visits.  He visited Michigan and he visited Penn State, that's pretty much it.  He plans on visiting other schools in the near future, but we're not exactly sure which schools and when.  There's a lot to be looked at between now and the end of May before he decides that.  When we get to the end of May, he's going to hopefully cut his list down to a manageable number and then go from there.

"He went to Michigan on a summer visit last year.  He saw a bunch of games at Penn State.  He's going to Penn State on Thursday.  He'll meet with Joe Paterno."

According to Cantafio, Henne has met with Coach Paterno a couple of times already.

"He likes Penn State.  He's been up to a ton of their games.  I don't think he'd go to all those games if he wasn't interested.  Everybody tries to read into it and it's so hard to do because Chad is so open with this whole decision making process."

Penn State has been recruiting Henne for a while now.

"It's been going on for a couple of years.  Bill Kenney's in charge of recruiting here, but everybody's gotten involved.  Jay Paterno's been heavily involved, Joe's been very, very involved in this, more so than any other because he's a Pennsylvania kid and he's also a premier quarterback.  They have to get him because it's important for Pennsylvania."

Is there a chance he could commit to Penn State on Thursday?


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