Will Thourogood Camp At PSU?

Lafonte Thourogood has some of the top programs in the nation offering him. The Tidewater star talks about camps this summer and what program he grew up rooting for.

Lafonte Thourogood is fast becoming one of the top recruited quarterbacks in the nation and the signal-caller from the "757" is a player who can make plays with his feet and with his arm. Somewhat reminiscent of Michael Vick and E.J. Manuel, both of whom made a name for themselves from the Tidewater region, Thourogood is such a good athlete that while some schools are after him as a quarterback, others are talking about him playing as a slot receiver. But Thourogood clearly wants to be a quarterback.

"I made a lot of progress as a quarterback between my sophomore and junior year," Thourogood told FightOnState.com. "My coaches believe and other coaches I've talked to also believe that I can play quarterback in college."

Some programs that are recruiting him, such as Notre Dame, have talked to him about playing in the slot in an effort to "get the ball into my hands as much as possible." Thourogood, however, is convinced that under center is where he wants to be. Part of the reason that Thourogood will camp at Penn State this summer — the only camp he has officially scheduled — is because of their quarterback tradition.

"I've always liked Penn State. I like their coaching staff and I like what they do with their quarterbacks," Thourogood said. "When you look at their quarterbacks and the numbers they put up and how they do, it's exactly what I want."

As such, Thourogood said that he grew up a Penn State fan, mainly because his middle school football coaches were Nittany Lions' supporters. The bond grew from there. While he hasn't been on campus, Thourogood said that this summer is an opportunity to see State College up close.

"[Camp] will be about football and me getting better as a quarterback, things that I think I can bring back home and improve for my senior season. But it's also a chance to see Penn State and what campus is like," Thourogood said.

Currently, Thourogood has no top five list or even a top 10. He did recently get done constructing a list of 20 questions with his coach, things to ask potential programs while he's on visits. The list focuses on academics and his chance to see the field early as a quarterback. As of now, Thourogood is also looking at potentially camping at Alabama or Florida and perhaps taking a trip to Texas.

But while the programs after him are impressive, don't read too much into Thourogood's list.

"The name of the school doesn't matter to me. Some kids just go after [a certain school] because of the name or this and that," Thourogood said. "To me, that doesn't matter. A program could not have had a win for the past three years and if it is right for me, that's where I'm going."

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