Zettel Talks PSU Offer

Anthony Zettel of Michigan is one of the top line recruits in the nation. But has Penn State cracked his recently announced top six?

Michigan four-star prospect Anthony Zettel holds an impressive offer list of many top Big Ten programs. With school ending this week for the offensive lineman, Zettel plans on making some campus visits, going to several football camps with his team and helping his parents with their family run diner called Mac's Place. Somewhat ironic is that a guard would be in the business of serving up some pancakes.

"We're actually known for having the best burgers around," Zettel told FightOnState.com

Zettel said that he hauled in an offer last week from Penn State, adding yet another national program to his already impressive list. The Nittany Lions linebackers' coach, Ron Vanderlinden, visited the his school twice over the past few weeks, finally offering Zettel last week. Vanderlinden, according to Zettel, told his high school coach that he thinks the Michigan guard would be a good fit in Happy Vallet. He said that the Penn State coaching staff is high on him, according to the meeting his coach had with Vanderlinden.

The offer was a big honor according to Zettel, who said that it was up there with the other scholarships he has hauled in from places like Michigan, Michigan State and Iowa.

"Penn State is a good program that has tradition and history and I like that about them," Zettel said. "They have a good coaching staff and they're a team that always wins games."

Zettel also likes something else about the Nittany Lions.

"They send players to the NFL," Zettel said. "I like that they put players in the league consistently."

Zettel said that there is no timetable for his decision except that he will make his announcement when the "time is right and I feel comfortable with a place." Academics, he says, are key. Also important to the player is the chance to play for a program with tradition and that has a history of winning games. In addition to his play on the offensive line, Zettel is also being recruited for the defensive side of the ball.

The lineman said he has no preference as to which side of the ball he plays come college and that he'll go with wherever the coaching staff sees as best. But if one side of the ball will help him see the field faster, he's open to that too.

Finally, Zettel said that he has a top six programs but he has no idea when he might whittle the list down further. As of right now, the lineman's six schools in the mix are "Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Penn State, Cincinnati and UCLA." He said that from that group, he will likely make a decision on official visits.

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