Back From Visit With JoePa

Chad Henne, from Wilson HS in West Lawn, PA, is one of top junior QB prospects in the country. Henne, who has over two dozen scholarship offers already, took a visit to Penn State last Thursday to meet with the coaching staff. He talks about the visit and names his early favorites.

Name: Chad Henne
Position: QB
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 210 pounds
40-yard dash: 4.7
School: Wilson HS, West Lawn, PA

As a junior last season, Chad Henne threw for 2,200 yards including 23 touchdown passes.  Although his head coach, Jim Cantafio, listed Chad's leadership role and physical toughness as his best attributes, his strong right arm capable of firing the ball over 70 yards has obviously impressed college coaching staffs as well.

Henne already has scholarship offers from many big-time programs including Miami, Florida State, Michigan, Penn State, Georgia and Tennessee to name a few.

The Penn State coaching staff has known about Chad for several years now and has been successful getting him to visit the campus on numerous occasions.

"I've been up to about 6 or 7 games over the past 3 years and I've been up twice to visit there," Chad said Sunday evening.

"I went to the Miami and Michigan games in 2001, and this year I was up for the Nebraska and Michigan State games.

"Last year, around June, I visited and talked with the coach recruiting me, Bill Kenney, and Jay Paterno, the quarterbacks coach.  I got to meet with Joe Paterno too.  It went well.  They talked about what their offense was going to do this past season and mostly what they said they were going to do they did, so that's pretty good.  They said that they were going to open it up and they did, so it showed a lot of courage."

Did he previously have concerns about Penn State's offensive philosophy?

"Yeah, because they were mainly running the ball and I didn't want to go to a college that just ran the ball, I want to throw a lot more."

Henne returned to State College last Thursday with Coach Cantafio and his mother for another visit with the Nittany Lion coaching staff.

"I sat down with Bill Kenney and then in the film roon we watched a little film with Jay Paterno.  It was film of Penn State this past year, different offensive variations and stuff.  Later, we had lunch with them and Joe Paterno showed up.  I probably talked to him for about 20 minutes, just about the situation, that he would love to coach me and that they plan to keep the offense open and do what they did this past year."

How do they see him fitting it?

"They haven't signed a quarterback over two years so it's a pretty good situation for me right now."

Chad admitted that he is looking at the depth charts of prospective schools.

Did he grow up a Penn State fan?

"I guess a little bit, not too much."

How interested is he in Penn State?

"There's interest there and there's always interest in other schools.  I'm still wide open right now and I don't really have it narrowed down."

Chad acknowledged that Penn State is one of his favorites.

"Right now, since they opened up their offense, it really helps out.  It's a nice little campus and I feel comfortable with the coaches and talking with them.

"I also like Michigan, Georgia and Miami right now.  There are still some others out there that are questionable."

He visited Michigan last summer.

"I was also out at Purdue's camp, so I visited that campus and on the way out there we visited Illinois.  I'll probably visit down south [this summer]."

Does he have a timeframe for making a final decision?

"Right now, I have no timeframe.  I could wait it out, I could do it early, I just don't know right now."

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