Hansen Talks About Huggins

Rich Hansen, the five-star recruit's high school coach, gives insight into what makes his standout running back so special. He also discusses the recruiting process.

Few coaches in the nation have had the impact that St. Peter's Prep's Rich Hansen has for the Jersey City school. With notable alumni such as Will Hill and Nyshier Oliver having gone through the ranks, Hansen has four players on his roster with Division I offers – and that's just in the senior class. He expects that come Sept. 1, there will be several juniors getting their first offers, as well.

One of the seniors Hansen has had the privilege to coach is five-star running back Savon Huggins. Huggins recently released a top 10 list that included Penn State. In a FightOnState.com exclusive, Hansen shared his thoughts on Huggins both on and off the field.

FOS: It seems like Savon is taking a similar approach to that of Will Hill and Nyshier Olive — among the most highly recruited players you've had at Prep. He's taking a lot of visits and weighing options. What is your advice to him in the whole process?

Hansen: Savon's recruiting has been very similar to Will's in many ways. The process is never identical for any two players but it's similar. Will had very strong feelings toward Florida early, whereas Savon hasn't really come out with a leader — although he may be close. They've commanded tremendous attention. I wasn't sure if the attention Will received could be rivaled but Savon's recruiting portfolio has been extremely loaded with regional and national powers. It's always daunting for a coach to help a player manage the attention and offers, but he has been great. I think we've crossed our T's and dotted our I's up to this point.

He's been careful and calculated and thorough in his responses and questions for recruiters. He's taken unofficial visits and been diligent in his research. That's really all I ask of my players. — do your homework, be respectful and honest with coaches. His parents have been very supportive.

FOS: Among all the players you've coached, how special is Savon?

Hansen: I agree Savon is special. A special talent with special ability. He also is a special human being — grounded, goal-oriented and a natural leader with a great work ethic and attitude. He works hard at all he does — classroom, field, weight room, you name it. I'm fortunate to have been able to forge the type of relationship we have. He's a great kid.

FOS: Is Savon going to be that featured back at the college level; a guy who can carry the ball 25 times and gets stronger as the game wears on?

Hansen: I think he can be a featured back in college, for sure. He has improved in every aspect of his game each year and still has a tremendous upside. He will continue to get better and refine his game. Physically, he has all the tools and he's a student of the position, so he will have an opportunity to be that go-to type of back. He can do so many things well. He wants the ball and wants it in big situations vs. the best teams. He's a competitor and that attribute will serve him well as a college player.

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