Mangiro Talks Top Four

Highly ranked lineman Angelo Mangiro talks about the four programs which will have a hat on the table this Sunday when he makes his decision.

As the decision looms for Angelo Mangiro, the New Jersey offensive lineman is getting ready to make his verbal commitment from four finalists. While he indicated to that three schools are currently in contention, fans of Ohio State, Penn State, Pitt and Rutgers are anxiously waiting to see if the highly rated lineman will choose their school.

Mangiro, who was nominated to play in the 2011 U.S. Army All-American Bowl, will make his decision this Sunday and spoke to about each of the four finalists. This is a candid look at Mangiro's thoughts on the four programs.

Mangiro on Rutgers: "They're very close to home. I have a great relationship with Coach Schiano, it's really good. They've done a lot the past few years in terms of getting the program up. In the future, it might take off. I know that they send players to the NFL. I know that Anthony Davis, Ray Rice and Brian Leonard all got to the NFL from Rutgers. They were after me early."

Mangiro on Penn State: "It'd be a chance to play for a Hall of Fame coach, a legend in Joe Paterno. He's a great coach and a great man. The prestige and the tradition out there is like nothing I've seen. The way the whole town gets geared up for the games is impressive. The atmosphere around the program is impressive too."

Mangiro on Ohio State: "Out of all four programs, they are the winningest program right now. Jim Tressel, wow, he is a great American. Very religious, a man of faith. Down to earth and a great coach. They're a great program."

Mangiro on Pitt: "They have a lot of Jersey guys up there, they recruit the area hard. Lots of talent on that team and they're adding a lot each year. Like Rutgers, they're getting their program there. Good facilities there, too."

Right now, Mangiro said that he is praying through the decision and looking for signs to help him make the right choice, a choice as he puts it that "goes beyond football into helping make me a man." Mangiro said that he never prayed much before this decision but he is seeking "peace from God on where to be for the next four or five years."

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