Film Evaluation - QB Nick Skeparnias

Does York (Pa.) Suburban quarterback Nick Skeparnias have what it takes to play quarterback at Penn State?

Nick Skeparnias, a 6-foot-2, 195-pound, quarterback from York (Pa.) Surburban hasn't received a scholarship offer yet but he shouldn't have to wait long.

Skeparnias will be a four-year letter winner and he threw for 2,132 yards and 21 touchdowns in 2002.

Nick attended Purdue's elite quarterback camp last summer and on film he looks like a perfect fit for the Boilermaker's fun and gun offense.

Skeparnias doesn't have Carson Palmer type arm strength but he does have above average arm strength.

Poise in the pocket, going through his progressions, excellent drops and footwork are Skeparnias' best attributes.

Nick has been taught the quarterback position extremely well and we could tell he has put in the practice time and reps that it takes to be an elite quarterback prospect.

Confidence - A

Skeparnias has a ton a poise and his teammates feed off of that. Do the offensive lineman look in his eyes and see that ‘We're not gonna lose attitude in Nick's eyes?' We think so.

Athletic Ability - B

Skepanias won't remind anyone of Antwaan Randel El but he does show the ability to avoid a rush, step up in the pocket and take off with the ball picking up yardage.

Footwork - A

Nick must put a lot of hours in on his drops because they are outstanding. He stands tall in the pocket and doesn't have happy feet.

Arm strength - B

This is a good year for quarterbacks. Skeparnias doesn't have the gun of a Booty, Brohm or Vlahogeorge but he does have D-1 arm strength.

We look for Nick Skeparnias to have a very good showing at the Penn State Nike Camp this spring and he could be a candidate for the "Elite 11" quarterback camp held late summer in Southern California.

Skeparnias has a ton of upside and we're certain he'll be showing the nation his skills in a couple of years on the D-1 level.

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