FOS-TV: Paterno's Tuesday PC

After his Monday media appearance cause a national stir, see and hear the legendary coach's second meeting with the press in Chicago. This is a FREE version of FOS-TV.

CHICAGO — Penn State football coach Joe Paterno made national headlines Monday following an appearance at Big Ten Media Days in which he was noticeably thinner and less crisp in his speech than he'd typically been in the past.

So what was wrong?

According to Paterno, not much of anything.

Meeting the media in a round-table format Tuesday morning, Paterno seemed refreshed and insisted he was doing fine physically. If anything, he said, he may have been tired Monday following a busy weekend. But he shot down notions that a recent illness had any impact on the way he looked or sounded the previous day.

FOS editor Mark Brennan was in Chicago and reported that Paterno sounded much better Tuesday. But don't take Brennan's word for it. Check out the video below and formulate your own opinion.

In it, Paterno talks about his health and a variety of other topics. This is a key 10-minute window from a session that ran two hours long.

You can find a running recap of his round-table interview and get into the fan discussion on FOS' Total Access Premium Board.

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