The Nittany Lions hit the practice field again on Friday for the second day of preseason practice work and started focusing on the passing game. Get a recap of the session, a review of the quarterback performances and more in our exclusive Nittany Notes.

In Day Two of preseason drills the team "lost a step" according to one observer, which is "very, very common." As the observer described, "[The players] are starting to get back in and their legs are feeling it and get heavy early on because of all the running."

The second session of preseason was once again on the outdoor practice fields between Lasch and Holuba; it was the second of five NCAA mandated practices with no pads or contact. However the players got in a lot of work. Friday's drills saw a lot more passing work with the quarterbacks and receivers running primarily short and intermediate routes with no coverage. "It was all route and timing work and the coaches reviewed fundamentals with the QBs."

Kevin Newsome, Matt McGloin, Paul Jones, Robert Bolden and Shane McGregor all took snaps in the session. Here is a overview of the QBs' performances in the practice:

  • Kevin Newsome: "He's got quick feet and is setting them better. He still needs to work his release — he is strong enough, but needs to throw down his release so it doesn't sail on him." Observers feel that he is improving with his passing overall.

  • Matt McGloin: Said to provide good ball placement for his receiver, McGloin isn't as strong as many of the other QBs, but has shown consistency and "has good feet."

  • Paul Jones: Observers like his arm strength and his "sharp release." As one observer said, "He can really whip a ball downfield." He tends to "force balls" and "rush things, which throws the timing off." However, many like the progress he has made in a short span.

  • Robert Bolden: "For a guy who has been in two practices, he's doing well," one observer said. "He leads his receivers on the short routes -- on the deeper balls he can make them chase it, but he's got quick feet and gets them down to deliver." Observers said Bolden was terrific at times in the summer Drill 6 work, and actually developed a strong connection with wideout Graham Zug, considered the the team's best route runner. The consensus is that Bolden still has some filling out to do physically but has the tools to be outstanding down the road.

  • Shane McGregor: "I'll tell ya, Shane's not at the level, but he deserves a shout out. He's been impressive running the Foreign Squad," an observer said. "A lot of people take it for granted, but he works his tail off." McGregor is not as quick or strong as the others, but has a "good release and delivery that tests the secondary."

As an aside, the staff is expected to start working on quarterback progressions and use it as a "major factor in the quarterback race." According to one observer, "The offense can't afford a guy who just locks onto targets."

The defense continued some 1v1 and 2v2 work and got into some turnover drills on fumble recoveries and interceptions. The defenders continued their read-react and agility fundamentals, as well. is your source for the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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