SHORT REPORT: Rise and Grind

The Nittany Lions may not been in pads early on, but that doesn't mean the practices have been easy. Get the lowdown on how the coaches are whipping the players into shape.

Three days into preseason drills and the Penn State are already feeling it. "The staff is really pushing these guys. They working them hard," one observer explained. As another said, "A few came into the locker room saying 'rise and grind' - that's what it's been so far."

Saturday the players were up early again for morning lifting sessions, and then they had unit breakdown meetings discussing the playbook and reviewing details and fundamentals from the first two practices on Thursday and Friday. The players were scheduled to be back on the practice field again in the afternoon.

"I know it sounds like this is easy — with no pads — but [the players] we're going hard from the opener (on Thursday)," one observer said. In fact, some players have been seen catching naps in the locker room and around Lasch Building. "A lot of guys are up late studying for upcoming finals, too."

Players have also "needed a reservation" to get time in the hot or cold tubs. "Their bodies are adjusting so there's always some sore muscles and cramps to workout," another observer said. "This is good, though; get the kinks out now."

As another observer said, "There are guys who you can tell are sore, but those same guys are getting better between practices."

As an aside, another tell-tale sign that the squad is focused, including the staff: none of the coaches participated in the annual Letterman's Golf Tournament on Saturday, which is a rarity. is your source for the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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