Jarrett Talks PSU Relationship

East Stroudsburg secondary star Kyshoen Jarrett is a highly recruited athlete who has shown interest in Penn State. But will he make another visit to Happy Valley?

It has been a quiet and low-key summer for secondary prospect Kyshoen Jarrett, one of the top athletes in Pennsylvania. Jarrett says that he barely had any visits this summer after a very active winter and spring on the combine circuit and taking campus tours. He visited two Big East schools but other than that, he stayed close to home and worked out.

"I went to West Virginia, but they're not even a consideration right now," Jarrett told FightOnState.com. The player also said he took a trip to Rutgers, but didn't make any other trips since school let out for the summer

The prospect said that one of the programs that interests him is in-state, about two hours from his East Stroudsburg home. Penn State has been regularly communicating with the player and he is enjoying the communication. He says that since the Nittany Lions are currently in camp, it is mostly on him to make the effort to keep a steady stream of communication, but he cites a relationship with the program.

He likes the low-key style of the program, which seems to fit well with his relaxed personality.

"Myself and Coach (Dick) Anderson are pretty cool; he is a very relaxed guy to talk to," Jarrett said. "I haven't talked to anybody else at PSU really besides coach Mike McQueary."

Jarrett really hasn't begun the process of narrowing down a list of schools, but he is working on the five official visits he will take this fall and winter. The interest level in Penn State remains high, he says, but his familiarity with the program means he may not feel the need to use an official visit to get a grasp of life in State College.

"I want to take an official to PSU, but since they are only two hours away, it might be a regular unofficial but with ‘official status interest' [from his end]," Jarrett said.

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