Get the latest assessment and update on the freshman speedster from State College. How has a recent injury to another player impacted him?

Although he's only be on the University Park campus for a short time, Alex Kenney is already making an impression in practice. Described as a "speedster" and a player with a "good set of wheels," Kenney has received praise from a variety of practice observers, particularly.

When he arrived on campus this summer, Kenney was slotted in the secondary and penciled in at cornerback. "He showed some decent coverage skills thanks to his speed and size," according to one observer. Although he was picking up the corner position well out of the gate, the coaches were expected to put him in a redshirt for the 2010 season. "Corner may be the toughest position out there. There aren't many guys who are going to step up from high school and pick up the speed and skills to break into the two deep that early," an observer said.

This past Tuesday, FOS broke the news that wideout Curtis Drake broke his leg in drills. Drake was at the "R" receiver position which plays in the slot and will lineup in the backfield in certain packages. His injury left an immediate void the coaches were looking to fill. Enter Alex Kenney and his "wheels."

"The coaches gave him a shot there in some passing work and he ran some good routes and was really sharp on his cuts and was getting separation in some tight spaces," an observer said.

Kenney excelled as a running back and wideout in high school (not to mention shining as a defensive back), so none of this is new to him.

Currently Kenney and Devon Smith are the two players who are getting the "R" receiver reps on offense. Although he was expected to redshirt on defense, all indications now are that he will play this season. is your source for the BEST content and community covering Penn State football.


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